Our vision and strategy

We want an end to poverty.

We want more justice for the world's poorest people.

We want economic growth to focus on improving human wellbeing.

Technical approaches are only part of the answer. Good change and impact that matters rarely occur without political shifts driven by citizens, businesses and governments.

IDS delivers a blend of political, scientific, economic and social analysis which the real world demands.

IDS' vision is a world in which poverty does not exist, social justice prevails and sustainable economic growth is focused on improving human wellbeing. We believe that research knowledge can drive the change that must happen in order for this vision to be realised.

What we do

IDS works to improve people's lives through cutting edge research, teaching and communication on accelerating global development.

IDS hosts a number of research programmes that generate new knowledge that aims to be original, relevant and excellent. We also provide online services and publications that liberate existing research and make it useful to decision makers and students.

In partnership with the University of Sussex, we offer several popular postgraduate degrees that are integrated with our research activities.

Vitally, we collaborate with over 360 partners around the world. Working together allows all of us to see the issues in a more rounded way.

Our strategic aims

  1. We will build new alliances - We will build new partnerships with a wider range of actors who drive change in society, outside as well as inside the development industry.
  2. We will co-construct knowledge - We will co-construct knowledge and reconstruct excellence - by developing and implementing collaborative ways of working which engage multiple perspectives in defining problems and questions and in generating knowledge.
  3. We will engage in dynamic policy environments - We will be nimble in engaging with policy, institutional and political processes that are shifting and multi-sited.
  4. We will build our institutional capacity to be fit for purpose - We will make changes internally to ensure our culture, resources, systems and structures deliver on Aims 1-3.

Download the IDS Strategy 2010-2015 (short version pdf) and IDS Strategy 2010-2015 (long version pdf).