Safeguarding Statement

At IDS we take issues of safeguarding, bullying and harassment extremely seriously.  We have established policies in place that seek to protect both those we work with and our employees.  These policies also set out our expectations of partners in this regard. 

In line with the rest of the sector and DFID’s recent statement on safeguarding, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability on these issues.

Our safeguarding policy

The Institute's policy on preventing and reducing harm to children and vulnerable adults when they are in contact with IDS’ staff, students, our trustees or volunteers. It is informed by IDS’ values of respectfulness, resourcefulness, excellence and inclusivity and our vision of equal and sustainable societies, locally and globally, where everyone can live secure, fulfilling lives free from poverty and injustice.

The policy aims to:

  • Promote and prioritise the safety and wellbeing of children and vulnerable adults across all of IDS’ work, in whatever setting it may take place.
  • Provide assurance to our partners, funders and beneficiaries that IDS takes reasonable steps to manage risks and keep children and vulnerable adults safe.
  • Ensure that all staff understand their own and partners’ roles and responsibilities in respect of safeguarding and are provided with the necessary information, training and support on safeguarding matters.
  • Ensure that all staff have access to, and are familiar with the relevant guidance on working with children and vulnerable adults.
  • Prevent the employment of individuals in work with children and/or vulnerable adults where they have been barred by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or are deemed by the Institute to pose an unacceptable risk to vulnerable groups.
  • Ensure that appropriate action is taken in the event of any allegations or suspicions regarding harm to children or vulnerable adults arising from contact with IDS staff or students, on the IDS premises or elsewhere.

Safeguarding, harassment and bullying, whistleblowing and due diligence

Our safeguarding policy relates to both our preventing Harassment and Bullying and Whistleblowing policies as well as our Disciplinary procedures. It also relates to our Due Diligence Policy, which sets our expectation of partners in relation to safeguarding, harassment, discrimination and bullying.