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IDS alumni are located all over the world and after studying at IDS go on to a range of careers in development. This makes the Alumni Blog uniquely placed to represent opinions on development from a diverse range of experience and professions, all of whom have IDS in common. The posts on this blog reflect the opinions of each individual, and not necessarily those of IDS.

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Portrait image of Alan Fowler from Wits Business School, South Africa.

Can African philanthropy support post-aid social accountability work?

By Alan Fowler
20 Dec 2017
African NGOs and CSOs struggle for financial sustainability, partly as a result of uncertain external aid funding. Can African philanthropy step into the breach by supporting organisations which work on social accountability?

Still rising: women’s movements in a changing world

By Dinah Musindarwezo, Zohra Moosa, (incomplete)
06 Nov 2017
A global backlash against women’s rights is on the rise. Women’s movements have pushed long and hard for women’s rights to be enshrined in international policy frameworks, and the current global political landscape risks a serious regression on progress made.

Puerto Rico Hurricane Damage

Rising up - not blown away: re-building Puerto Rico from the ground up

By (incomplete), Miguel Rivera Quinones
26 Oct 2017
The importance of bottom up movements in providing disaster assistance in Puerto Rico, in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

An opposition demonstrators holds a Venezuelan flag in front of a burning barricade during a protest against President Nicolas Maduro's government in Caracas February 15, 2014. Protesters gathered to demand the president's resignation, denouncing him over grievances ranging from political repression to daily issues such as inflation, shortages of basic products, and rampant crime.REUTERS/Jorge Silva.

Maduro’s new Constitution: more authoritarianism for Venezuela

By Maria Aguado Álvarez de Sotomayor, Lizbeth Navas-Aleman
24 May 2017
Venezuela is a country in political as well as economic turmoil. Far from abating the crisis by deepening democracy, President Maduro's proposed constitutional reforms are more likely to secure the ruling party’s grip on power.

Missing Frameworks in the Gender Equality Movement in Indonesia?

By Priliantina Bebasari
06 Feb 2017
IDS alum Priliantina Bebasari shares her reflections on the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence event.

Raphie Kaplinsky Emeritus Fellow

Raphael Kaplinsky reflects on remarkable life of Rok Ajulu

By Raphael Kaplinsky
10 Jan 2017
IDS Emeritus Fellow Raphael Kaplinksy reflects on remarkable life of Professor Rok Ajulu.

Ram Niwas Arya, an IDS alumnus (MPhil Development Studies, 2002-04)

Can the Shakespearean drama of the BRICS avoid being a tragedy?

By Ram Niwas Arya
16 Dec 2016
With economic decline and domestic turbulence in some of the BRICS countries, can they continue to exert influence on the global stage?

Richard Longhurst weighing head loads of harvested sorghum to assess grain production in the north of Nigeria, 1976

Fast forwarding from 1966: a personal odyssey

By Richard Longhurst
15 Dec 2016
Richard Longhurst takes the opportunity of IDS' 50th anniversary to reflect on his own personal odyssey.

IDS in the news

Why a master's in international development is still a popular degree choice

04 Nov 2016
For those considering the lure of the classroom, getting a master’s degree in international development is a popular option. In fact, it was rated the most 'in-demand' degree two years in a row by global development recruiters Devex surveyed.

Ricardo, Melissa, Jethro and Ricardo's Mum at Graduation ceremony at Brighton Dome.

Celebrating PhD success

By Ricardo Santos, Sarah King
01 Aug 2016
Three IDS students, Ricardo Santos, Shilpi Srivastava and Ana Solorzano, recently received their PhD’s. IDS joins Director Melissa Leach in congratulating them on their success.

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