Alumni Network

Whilst studying at IDS many students establish life-time relationships with fellow students and IDS staff. The online network creates opportunities for alumni to build connections across continents, cohorts and year groups with just a short series of clicks or taps.

With IDS members (Staff, Board Members and Honorary Associates) also invited online the network is a vast source of practical and professional expertise, support and guidance for alumni at all stages of their career.

The platform aims to enhance professional networks by connecting alumni across the globe with others who share IDS’ distinctive approach to development theory and practice. It offers a safe space for re-igniting the challenging discussions held whilst at IDS; it provides a practical place to share jobs, learning opportunities, publications and perspectives; and is designed to support IDS to build stronger relationships with alumni to enhance the research, teaching and learning, and impact of IDS’ work.

How to sign up for the Alumni Network

  1. Visit
  2. Register by creating your own username and password – you do not need to use your IDS e-mail for life unless you choose to. If you use a LinkedIn account to register, your profile picture and some profile data will be transferred in one simple click.
  3. Your membership will be activated within two working days.
  4. Once your membership is activated, complete your personal profile, or import your Linked-In profile – adding a picture add you to the ‘new members’ list visible in the side bar.
  5. Help grow the network by inviting other alumni from your cohort or country network to sign up.

Download our detailed user guide (pdf) to find out how to build your network; share jobs, and post opinions and initiatives on the network.

Getting the most out of the Alumni Network

As the online network is an exclusive members only platform - meaning anything that is posted on the platform is only accessed by members - material posted by users is not all expected to be ‘publication’ standard however some checks on content will be made.

Alumni Network rules

  1. Respect other people’s opinion – we hope and expect that you will be polite and constructive in your dialogue at all times.
  2. Please do not use insensitive, offensive or rude language – we reserve the right to remove anything we deem inappropriate or which prompts complaints from other users.
  3. Please ensure that anything you wish to post is freely available for others to use / access.
  4. We encourage you to share exciting programmes or initiatives that you are involved in through your work and to recommend useful tools and books; however please take care to share your opinion on these and not use the online network to promote organisational positions or products

Helpful hints

The value and worth of the platform is dependent on the participation and engagement of those who wish to benefit – the more you contribute to the platform the more you will gain from it.

Have a two-way relationship with alumni on the platform through sharing jobs, learning opportunities and engaging in dialogue around other’s posts.

If you wish to ask someone, or the group, for help or advice, be as specific as you can to make it easier for others to respond and to ensure you get useful input – and don’t forget to follow-up with thanks and to let them know how the advice helped you.

How your personal information is used

  1. The Alumni office will continue to send the quarterly alumni e-newsletter, using the email address you register on the network, and will use this to contact you about Alumni events in your country. You can opt out of receiving e-mail from the Alumni office by going to the ‘settings’ tab on your profile page - this will not restrict others from messaging you via the platform.
  2. We will not share your contact details or personal information with anyone offline without your consent. Other users can contact you via the platform without access to private contact details. Go to the settings tab on your profile page to choose which information you share with others on the platform.
  3. You will only receive content messages via the platform in response to posts that you have commented on; or there is activity on country pages that you sign up.

Full terms and conditions and the privacy policy are available on the network.

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