Making green transformations a reality in 2015

04 Feb 2015

Jointly hosted meeting by APPG Trade Out of Poverty, APPG Debt, Aid and Trade and the Institute of Development Studies on accelerating progress towards sustainable economies and societies.

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Negative Reciprocity or taking what’s yours? Aboriginal economic engagements 1830-1920

05 Feb 2015

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Lynette Russel will consider 19th century moments of Aboriginal theft and begging. She will argue a kind of economic engagement that the colonists and authorities misunderstood as recidivism and criminality.

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ResUp MeetUp Symposium and Training Exchange

09 Feb 2015 until 12 Feb 2015

Between 9-12 February 2015, the ResUp MeetUp will convene in Nairobi, Kenya, for a Symposium and Training Exchange. 

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Strengthening African Universities for Economic Transformation: Approaches that Work

12 Feb 2015

Ernest Aryeetey, Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana for a discussion around strengthing African Universities to make themselves more relevant in the areas of skills development and research in the new dispensation.

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Political Commitment to Public Services in India

23 Feb 2015

Vivek Srinivasan will examine how Tamil Nadu developed its commitment to services, and how it relates to the politics of public services elsewhere in India.

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Overcoming inequality in education for social transformation

05 Mar 2015

This Sussex Development Lecture willl examine the evidence on the multiple ways in which education benefits individuals and societies and how wide inequalities in access and learning are holding back progress in education.

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What’s Wrong with the WTO and How to Fix It

12 Mar 2015

In this Sussex Development Lecture Rorden Wilkinson argues that without global institutions fit for purpose, we cannot hope for the kind of fine global economic management that can put an end to major crises or promote development-for-all.

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Impact Evaluation Design - Short Course

20 Apr 2015 until 24 Apr 2015

This 5-day course on Impact Evaluation Design will provide researchers, project managers and practitioners with the necessary methodology and practical knowledge to meet the growing demand for rigorous evaluation of development programmes. The course leader is Dr Edoardo Masset.

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STEPS Summer School (Application deadline: 28 January 2015)

11 May 2015 until 22 May 2015

Apply by 28 January for the STEPS Centre's Summer School in May 2015.

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Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence - short course 2015

06 Jul 2015 until 09 Jul 2015

This course is open to a wide audience of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and project managers who are already or will be working in the area of social protection. The course aims to provide a platform for strengthening conceptual grounding and for engagement in critical debate about knowledge, practice and evidence on social protection.

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Why Greater Equality is a Key to Sustainability

29 Jan 2015

This Sussex Development Lecture will be given by Richard Wilkinson, co author of the Spirit Level.

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A vision for international development in 2015 and beyond

29 Jan 2015 Watch/Listen Again

Join Mary Creagh, Shadow Secretary of State for Development and Brighton Pavilion Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Purna Sen for a discussion around the future of international development in 2015 and beyond

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Right or Wrong? What values inform modern impact evaluation?

28 Jan 2015

The aim of this event is to explore the relationship between development ethics and evaluation values. 

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Community dynamics in post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina: Social Groups and Violence

26 Jan 2015

It has been nearly 20 years since the bloody war ended in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but communities are still struggling to achieve economic, political and social stability. This seminar will discuss post-war community formation and underlying social processes in two towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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Tax and Development Short Course

26 Jan 2015 until 29 Jan 2015

This 4 day course will guide researchers, academics, tax administrators and other practitioners through the main issues and trends on taxation in developing countries while providing an opportunity for networking, sharing ideas and information on participants' work and future plans in the area of taxation.  

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Global Care Advocacy workshop, 2015

22 Jan 2015 until 23 Jan 2015

The workshop is part of our collective organisations’ on-going work to raise the policy visibility of the intersection between women’s unpaid care work and their access to decent work. It is a chance to hear from people around the world about their work to make care visible.

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Discussion Group on 'Ayotzinapa, Violence and Conflict in Mexico'

20 Jan 2015

In this Discussion Group we aim to engage in an informal non-academic dialogue with researchers working in conflict, and with the IDS academic community in general, to understand better some of the particularities and consequences of the violence and conflict in Mexico.

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Seminar: Gender implications of agricultural commercialisation

12 Jan 2015

Seminar with Helen Dancer, visiting fellow at IDS and lecturer in law and anthropology at the University of Brighton, presenting findings from fieldwork she conducted with Emmanuel Sulle in Kilombero District, Tanzania in April 2014.

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Human Security in Latvia

03 Dec 2014

This Members Seminar will feature presentations on recent empirical work and policy applications by Mara Simane, and Professor Zaneta Ozolina. The two presentations will be followed with comments by Professor Sir Richard Jolly in his capacity as expert on human development and human security, and Gabriele Köhler, former UN Resident Coordinator in Latvia.

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Governance and Development: Working with the Grain

24 Nov 2014

Dr. Brian Levy will discuss his most recent book, “Working with the Grain: Integrating Governance and Growth in Development Strategies” which draws on both innovative scholarship and his quarter century experience at the World Bank to lay out an alternative.

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