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Understanding the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, Nutritionism, and its alternatives from Malawi

Tuesday 28 Oct 2014 Live Streaming

Presentation by Raj Patel, activist, author and food policy on the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

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Food riots or food rights?

Wednesday 29 Oct 2014

Ten years after the FAO’s Right to Food Guidelines were introduced, are food riots the surest route to securing the right to food in the 21st century?

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What has Development Done for Women in Egypt?

Thursday 30 Oct 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture Hania Shokalmy examines the role of women in the recent events that have taken place in Egypt, and the broader lessons that can be drawn for gender and development.

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Gender-sensitive governance: what does it look like and how can we work towards it?'

Monday 3 Nov 2014 until Friday 28 Nov 2014

Free interactive online course exploring gender-sensitive care with a special focus on the Nigerian context. 

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Good for business and poor people? The role of the private sector in tackling undernutrition

Monday 3 Nov 2014

A panel discussion on what role business can play in tackling undernutrition for the poorest and most marginalised?

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From Development to Transformation: Citizen Engagement and Social Justice

Thursday 6 Nov 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture IDS Professorial Fellow will how examine how far  citizen participation has helped to address issues of growing economic inequality.

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Gender, Class and the Neoliberal Project

Thursday 13 Nov 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale will examine how new forms of sexual imagery naturalise new forms of inequality, and how these are are met with new forms of gendered resistance and struggle.

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Warm glow or reality check? Assessing theories of change behind pro-poor business and livelihood development finance

Friday 14 Nov 2014

This seminar reflects on the methodological and political enonomy problems of assessing theories of change behind pro-poor business and livelihood development finance. 

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Putting Impact Evaluation in its place: what it does, when it helps, and what risks it carries

Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

In this Centre for Development Impact seminar, we will discuss why we may need Impact Assessment and the associated risks that need to be managed. We will then invite an open discussion about how best to put Impact Evaluation in its place.

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Fairer World, Greener World: Listening to the Least Developed Countries?

Thursday 23 Oct 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture IIED Director Camilla Toulmin examines the role of the least developed countries in addressing inequality and sustainability

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Tracking the gender politics of the Millennium Development Goals: From the Millennium Declaration to the post-MDG consultations

Thursday 16 Oct 2014

In this Sussex Development Lecture Professor Naila Kabeer examines the MDGs from a feminist perspective

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Designing a rigorous impact evaluation for a mobile phone innovation for nutrition service delivery in Indonesia

Wednesday 15 Oct 2014

In this CDI seminar IDS's Inka Barnett draws on IDS research experience to explore the process of developing an appropriate evaluation approach within the given contextual setting. 

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Equality, Sustainability, Security: Interlaced challenges in a global development era

Thursday 9 Oct 2014 Watch/Listen Again

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Melissa Leach uses the ebola crisis as a lens to talk about a new integrated approach to addressing issues of equality, sustainability and security.

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Framing Development: From Assistance to Global Justice

Thursday 2 Oct 2014 Watch/Listen Again

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Professor Andrea Cornwall discusses the changing framing of development

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Integrating Development Action and Building Organisations that can Challenge Poverty

Tuesday 30 Sep 2014

This seminar will focus on some of the trends in development work in India, and the work that the Paul Hamlyn Foundation has done related to addressing community development and poverty reduction through specific programmes on health, education and social protection in India.

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Work With Us UK Launch - Participate Initiative Exhibition

Thursday 25 Sep 2014

Work with Us launch: An exhibition of research that brings the visions for change of those living in extreme poverty in global discussions.


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The Political Economy of Agricultural Policy Processes in Africa

Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

This event  will present recent research and analysis from the Future Agricultures Consortium on how agricultural policy in Sub-Saharan Africa is shaped and put into practice.

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From 'Broder' to 'Don': Methodological Reflections on Longitudinal Gang Research in Nicaragua, 1996-2014

Monday 22 Sep 2014

The first Conflict, Violence and Development Seminar this term is by Professor Dennis Rodgers, reflecting on the use of longitudinal ethnographic methodologies in his ongoing investigations of gang dynamics in Nicaragua.

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Work With Us Exhibition

Monday 22 Sep 2014 until Thursday 16 Oct 2014

The Participate Initiative is hosting Work with Us, an exhibition of research findings which focus on the experiences of the poorest and most marginalised people and their visions for change.

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