Sustainable Lifestyles, Livelihoods and the Circular Economy

27 Jun 2017 until 29 Jun 2017

The third International Conference of the Global Research Forum (GRF) on Sustainable Production and Consumption, hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex.

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How do we manage the delicate balance between ‘technical’ and ‘social’ in translating evidence to action?

29 Jun 2017

In the first of the Research to Action Roundtable webinar series the Institute of Development Studies, the Impact Initiative and Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group ‘Translating Evidence to Action’ will host an expert panel to discuss their experiences in turning evidence into impact on 29 June. 

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IDS Annual Lecture with Jayati Ghosh

04 Jul 2017

World renowned economist, Professor Jayati Ghosh will devlier this year's IDS Annual Lecture on ‘The complexities of success: Globalisation, inequality and economic insecurity in China and India’.

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Inside/out? Locating sexualities studies within academia and beyond

05 Jul 2017

This seminar, by Professor Yiu-tung Suen, aims to provoke researchers to reflect on the space that sexualities studies occupy within academia and beyond.

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Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes 2017

17 Jul 2017 until 21 Jul 2017

Applications are now open for this 5 day course, designed for both for policy makers and practitioners. The course will take participants through new ways of thinking about undernutrition and what to do about it.

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Public-Private Collaborations for Secure and Inclusive Rural Economies (Invitation Only)

19 Jul 2017

IDS and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) have been collaborating to develop a framework to study the conditions for agricultural value chains to include marginalised farmers on better terms, including in in post-conflict areas. 

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Taxation and Transparency Short Course (Scholarships are available)

08 Aug 2017 until 11 Aug 2017

This short course focuses on major dimensions of transparency in taxation and raises questions about the meanings and implications of transparency.

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Participatory Video Processes: building inclusive engagement and community-led change

11 Sep 2017 until 15 Sep 2017

This short course will enable participants to develop in-depth understanding and skills in the theory and practice of Participatory Video, as well as equip them to plan, prepare and run participatory video projects in their own settings.

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The BRICS Effect: The Impact of South-South Cooperation in the Social Field of International Development Cooperation

21 Jun 2017 Watch/Listen Again

The growing number of development stakeholders and initiatives in developing countries have added complexity to the social field of international development cooperation (IDC).The arrival of new agents with their alternative practices increased the bargaining power of recipient countries, strengthening their capacity to negotiate the terms and drive the implementation of development programmes. 

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Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence short course 2017

12 Jun 2017 until 15 Jun 2017

This short course is open to a wide audience of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and project managers who are already or will be working in the area of social protection. It aims to provide a platform for strengthening conceptual grounding and for engagement in critical debate about knowledge, practice and evidence on social protection.

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Book Launch: Routledge Handbook of Environmental Policy in China

06 Jun 2017

Published in April 2017, the Routledge Handbook of Environmental Policy in China focuses on the environmental challenges of China’s rapidly growing economy and provides a comprehensive overview of the policies developed to address the environmental crisis.

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The Turn to Resilience in Humanitarian Aid

05 Jun 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Although some aspects of aid never seem to change, the author maintains that we are currently experiencing a significant turn in humanitarian aid. Whereas some changes are enabled by technological innovations, such as the use of digital payment systems or drones.

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General Election Hustings - Brighton Pavilion

02 Jun 2017

The University of Sussex, the Institute of Development Studies and the University of Sussex Students' Union co-host a 'Question Time' style event with the Brighton Pavilion candidates standing for election on 8 June. 

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China's Agricultural Investment in Africa and its Compliance with VGGT

31 May 2017

Since 2000, China has become increasingly involved in the African agricultural industry and this has widely provoked ardent discussion. The interview-based report primarily attempts to answer key questions.

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Why is Physical Violence Morally Wrong?

22 May 2017

Bob Brecher brings a philosophical lens to the issue of why physical violence is morally wrong, as well as whether it is always wrong or if are there circumstances in which it might be morally justifiable.

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General Election Hustings - Brighton Kemptown

17 May 2017

Ahead of the UK General Election, the University of Sussex, the Institute of Development Studies and the University of Sussex Students' Union co-host a hustings event for the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

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Promoting rational use of antibiotics in low and middle income countries

17 May 2017

?Inappropriate over use of antibiotics is a major contributor to increasing antimicrobial resistance, one of the most serious global public health problems existing today.

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STEPS Annual Lecture: Achim Steiner

15 May 2017

Achim Steiner, incoming Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), will deliver this year's STEPS Annual Lecture, entitled: 'Doomed to Fail or Bound to Succeed? Sustainable Development and the Green Economy Agenda – Revisited'.

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