From Early Warning to Response in Preventing Violence: Transforming Conflict through Citizen Engagement

04 Sep 2015

The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University and the Action Support Centre will be sharing the outcomes of a participatory research project exploring responses to conflict in selected African countries.

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Resource Politics 2015: transforming pathways to sustainability

07 Sep 2015 until 09 Sep 2015

Resource Politics 2015 is a conference asking questions about the politics of resources as we seek pathways to sustainability.

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Launch of the Global Sex Work Law Map

15 Sep 2015

IDS cordially invites you to a launch of the Map and discussion about these issues. The Map will be introduced by Cheryl Overs, founder of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects who led its development and discussed by European and African sex worker rights advocates and the audience. The chairperson for the event is feminist sexuality activist Samantha Roddick.

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Call for applications: Contemporary Political Economy Analysis

12 Oct 2015 until 16 Oct 2015

PASGR will be delivering a 5 day professional development course on Contemporary Political Economy Analysis for African researchers residing in the region. The training course will be delivered by a team working with faculty from across Africa including IDS Fellows.

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Call for applications: Advanced Research Design

02 Nov 2015 until 12 Nov 2015

PASGR will be delivering a 10 day professional development course on Advanced Research Design for African researchers residing in the region. The training course will be delivered by a team working with faculty from across Africa including IDS Fellows.

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Using Participatory Action Research to Improve Development Practice

25 Jan 2016 until 29 Jan 2016

This new five-day course on Participatory Action Research (PAR) will provide participants with the conceptual and practical tools to design and carry out PAR. They will learn about a range of methods and develop their ideas into a detailed plan that they will be able to put into action on returning to their organisation.

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Contested Agronomy: Cases, Dynamics & Implications

23 Feb 2016 until 25 Feb 2016

Contested Agronomy 2016 is a conference about the battlefields in agricultural research, past and present.

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Transitions and Democracy in Europe

27 Aug 2015

In this special discussion session, we invite journalists, politicians, campaigners and academics to offer first-hand accounts of how they are creating, re-making and participating in Europe’s evolving demos.

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STISA-2024: Debating Africa’s “Blueprint” for Science, Technology and Innovation

11 Aug 2015

A panel debate examining critiques, governance questions and possible steps forward for the recently-published Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa (STISA-2024).

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Engaging your Policy Audiences

22 Jul 2015

ThIs established one day course will provide practical guidance, advice and tips on how to develop successful engagement and influencing plans.

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New Frontiers for Evaluation in an Era of Market-Oriented Development

20 Jul 2015 until 22 Jul 2015

As part of the International Year of Evaluation 2015, this meeting will provide an opportunity to identify good impact evaluation practices, and to build new evaluation coalitions for market-oriented development initiatives.

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Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policy and Outcomes 2015

13 Jul 2015 until 17 Jul 2015

Applications are now open for this 5 day course, designed for both for policy makers and practitioners. The course will take participants through new ways of thinking about undernutrition and what to do about it.

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Graduating from Social Protection? Seminar at the Overseas Development Institute

10 Jul 2015

This seminar on the new IDS Bulletin 'Graduating from Social Protection?' will present new and exciting work on graduation programmes across several countries and diverse contexts, describing what graduation is, how it works and, how to do it.

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Commemorating the lives of Martha Farrell and Paula Kantor

06 Jul 2015

IDS is holding an event to honour and commemorate the lives of Paula Kantor, an IDS alumna and senior scientist at CIMMYT and Martha Farrell, a director of PRIA in Delhi and friend of colleague of IDS, who were both killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul on May 13, which also took the lives of at least two other NGO workers.

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Business, state and society: How can new actors and coalitions drive change towards a more sustainable and equitable world?

06 Jul 2015

Business, Markets and the State - this seminar will include discussions on the potential or new actors and coalitions to drive change towards a more sustainable and equitable world.

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Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence - short course 2015

06 Jul 2015 until 09 Jul 2015

This course is open to a wide audience of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and project managers who are already or will be working in the area of social protection. The course aims to provide a platform for strengthening conceptual grounding and for engagement in critical debate about knowledge, practice and evidence on social protection.

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The role of the rising powers in making the Sustainable Development Goals a reality

03 Jul 2015 Watch/Listen Again

This Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development seminar will examine the role of countries such as China and Brazil in agreeing and implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

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