Business and Development Seminars

IDS has hosted several past seminars based on Business and Development research. Its recent seminar by international development charity Transaid presented how they are working with the UK and European Transport industry to find transport solutions in Africa.

Transaid believes that well-managed transport has the power to change people's lives for the better. Without it many people in the developing world are denied their basic human rights. Transaid is working with the private and public sector to make an impact in Africa and other developing countries on accessibility of health, livelihoods, road safety and environment

Write-ups and audio recordings of the seminars, along with short interviews with each of the speakers, are available from this page.

About the seminar series

The seminars are designed to bring together experts on the role of business and development to discuss relevant and current topics. Previous series have focused on a range of issues including the impact of business on development, how to engage with business and food security.

One Off Special Seminar

Past Series