Centre for Development Impact (CDI) seminar series

The CDI Seminar series invites academics, practitioners, and other experts working on impact evaluation to explore the application of a range of approaches and designs for assessing the impact of complex development and policy interventions.

The seminars aim to stimulate debate between theory, methodology and practice, and in doing so, explore new frontiers and cross-disciplinary opportunities to advance the field of impact evaluation.

The Centre for Development Impact (CDI) is a joint initiative between Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Itad and the University of East Anglia (UEA). The Centre contributes to learning and innovation in the field of impact evaluation, especially through the use of appropriate, mixed method, and robust evaluation designs. The aim is to provide funders, project managers, evaluators and citizens with valuable insights to improve the measurement and understanding of impact in international development.

Past CDI seminars

SenseMaker: Using Micro-Narratives for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

15 Feb 2018

In this CDI seminar, Steff Deprez will present the principles and practice of the SenseMaker methodology and provide examples of SenseMaker applications in diverse programmes for both monitoring and evaluation processes.

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Mixing Methods to Assess the Impact of Private Sector Support: Experiences from the Dutch PRIME-Programme

19 Oct 2017

In this seminar, new CDI Director Giel Ton will present his experiences with research design to improve real-time monitoring and evaluation in PSD organisations – Pioneering Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation in small and medium enterprises (PRIME).

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Evaluating impact of business partnerships

04 May 2017

During this seminar, Carrie Baptist will reflect on her experiences creating and implementing global M&E systems for three of Save the Children UK’s largest business partnerships: with GlaxoSmithKline, Reckitt Benckiser and Unilever.

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Choosing Appropriate Evaluation Methods Tool

06 Apr 2017

Barbara Befani will introduce The Choosing Appropriate Evaluation Methods tool which is designed to help understand evaluation methods and select appropriate approaches for a range of evaluation contexts, questions and interventions.

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Using process tracing to evaluate the impact of a mobile phone application for nutrition counselling in Indonesia

16 Feb 2017

Can a mobile phone app help improve the quality of nutrition counselling? If so, how and why does it work? During our latest CDI seminar, we will explore how the innovative methodology ‘process tracing’ was used to investigate these questions.

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Designing Effective Ways to Evaluate Impact

16 Jan 2017 until 20 Jan 2017

This 5 day course tackles an emerging problem in development evaluation: how to ensure that we have the right mix of methods to provide relevant and credible impact evidence. Learn how to achieve a better understanding of the potential contribution of various evaluation designs and methods, and create the space for thinking this through and incorporating it into our practice.

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From index to impact? Process tracing the policy impact of the Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI)

10 Nov 2016 Watch/Listen Again

In this seminar, we will discuss how a process-tracing approach was adopted to explore the policy impact of the Hunger And Nutrition Commitment Index.

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Never Let a Disaster Go To Waste: Using Natural Experiments to Understand Vulnerability and Resilience

13 Oct 2016 Watch/Listen Again

This seminar will explore how extreme events can be framed and analysed as natural experiments. The event delineates a before and after and affects people and places differentially – the hallmark of an experiment.

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Measuring the Impact of Development Funds – The Case of the Global Innovation

02 Jun 2016

How do we evaluate the impact of development funds? Is the impact of funders limited to the sum of the projects they fund? Or do they create important externalities?

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CDI Seminar: Evaluating complex change across projects and contexts

29 Apr 2016

In this seminar the authors share methodological learning from this complex evaluation. The innovative methodology employed a mixed-method approach designed to capture the breadth and of a large and diverse portfolio without losing the depth of analysis of complex change processes.

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