Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development (CRPD) events

The Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development (CRPD) conducts and facilitates research on:

  • the impact of the BRICS and other rapidly-changing and increasingly influential middle-income countries on low-income countries
  • the need for the restructuring of global development institutions and global public goods, such as the environment, food, and health
  • the future of Development Studies research and training.

CRPD brings together experts our global network of policy, research, business and civil society partners to produce new thinking and practical policy guidance on effective approaches to engagement and mutual learning.

About CRPD events

Based at IDS and organised with colleagues from across the University of Sussex campus, including the STEPS Centre, SPRU and the School of Global Studies.  

Current events

China's Agricultural Investment in Africa and its Compliance with VGGT

31 May 2017

Since 2000, China has become increasingly involved in the African agricultural industry and this has widely provoked ardent discussion. The interview-based report primarily attempts to answer key questions.

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Past CRPD seminars

Intersecting Inequalities and the Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Brazil

10 May 2017 Watch/Listen Again

In this seminar, Ricardo Santos will explore the paper 'Intersecting Inequalities and the Sustainable Development Goals: Insights from Brazil'co-authored with Prof. Naila Kabeer of the Gender Institute, LSE, and Emeritus Fellow of IDS.

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International Policy Diffusion and Participatory Budgeting

31 Mar 2017 Watch/Listen Again

In this seminar, Osmany Porto de Oliveira will address the International Diffusion of Participatory Budgeting, which is the theme of his book just released by Palgrave McMillan.

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The Global Governance of SDG Financing

23 Feb 2017

Thomas Fues will address the global governance of external support for sustainable development in three steps. The first part will interpret the 2030 Agenda. The second part will concentrate on the need for external transfers in support of SDG implementation. The concluding section will explore the possibilities for sharing experiences, mutual learning and joint action between Northern and Southern providers.

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China Under Xi Jinping: The Link Between Domestic and International Policy

10 Feb 2017

Under Xi Jinping, China has become more adventurous and expansive in its foreign policy. With the advent of the Trump presidency, this is only likely to increase because of the spaces that are likely to open up around China both regionally and internationally under a more isolationist US.

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China's global South relations: gender and sexuality dimensions

16 Dec 2016

China’s interactions with the Global South have been the subject of much attention and study from both inside and outside the country. Yet issues of gender and sexuality have been largely ignored. What are the gender and sexuality impacts of China’s foreign investment, and are they any better or worse than those of other countries?

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