Conflict, Violence and Development Seminars

The IDS Conflict, Violence and Development seminar series focuses on mass violent conflicts as well as every day forms of insecurity, looking at their relationship with poverty and development. It provides a forum to discuss the Institute's work in this area, as well as some exciting work on these subjects from outside the Institute.

Notable past speakers

Charles Crawford, Former Senior Diplomat, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (HM Ambassador to Bosnia, Serbia and Poland), presenting on "Bosnia/Serbia/Kosovo: Where Statehood Meets Uncertainty".

Carolyn Hayman OBE, CEO of Peace Direct, presenting on "Local First in Peacebuilding".

Stathis Kalyvas, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Program on Order, Conflict, and Violence at Yale University, presenting on "Civil Wars Through History: 1810-2010".

Clemens Hoffmann, International Relations Research Fellow at the University of Sussex, presenting on "Divided Waters - Troubled Waters: Climate Change, Development and Hydropolitics in Sudan's North/South Conflict".

Past events on Conflict, Violence and Development

Why is Physical Violence Morally Wrong?

22 May 2017

Bob Brecher brings a philosophical lens to the issue of why physical violence is morally wrong, as well as whether it is always wrong or if are there circumstances in which it might be morally justifiable.

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‘Building Kachin’: Everyday Youth Action in Kachin State of Myanmar

08 May 2017

In this seminar, Ja Htoi Pan Maran reflects on the political transition from the perspective of the people of Kachin state. The seminar will then present findings from a study on how young people in Kachin experience insecurity, and how they take different forms of social and political action in response to everyday challenges.

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Reconsidering Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration: The Case of South Sudan

20 Mar 2017

This talk explores how disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration (DDR) and security sector reform (SSR) activities in South Sudan have been instrumentalised and repurposed by the ruling factions steering South Sudan’s post-conflict statebuilding process, and unpacks the ways in which they have contributed to the general militarisation of South Sudanese society, instead of its demilitarisation.

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Methodologies for Studying Violent Conflict

06 Mar 2017

This seminar will explore different methodological approaches to the study of violent conflict, and the opportunities and challenges they present.

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2017 World Development Report: Governance and the Law – Governance for Security

20 Feb 2017

A participatory discussion on the report’s key findings and messages in relation to violence, conflict and insecurity; the interlinkages between security, governance, and power; and the implications of these findings for future policy and research.

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Varieties of Violence: State-Society Relations and Geographies of Conflict in India

06 Feb 2017

The study of conflict in South Asia has been traditionally partitioned between insurgencies and ethnic riots. In this seminar, Adnan constructs a conceptual framework that integrates the two into a single geography of conflict and explains the distribution of these two forms of conflict through analysing variations in state capacity and state-society relations across India's national geography.

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Stabilisation: Over 10 years of Policy and Practice

05 Dec 2016

This seminar will set out an overview of the UK approach to stabilisation since the establishment of the UK’s Post Conflict Reconstruction Unit in 2004, drawing on examples from Afghanistan, Somalia and elsewhere, and based on the presenters’ experiences of stabilisation in the field.

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From Sri Lanka to Syria: Photographing Aid in times of Conflict

14 Nov 2016

Since 2008 Russell has worked for DFID documenting the impact of the UK’s overseas aid in developing countries around the world.

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On the Mechanics of the Natural Resource Curse: Information and Local Elite Behaviour in Mozambique

31 Oct 2016

Alex Armand presents his ongoing project which seeks to examine the management of information and local elite behaviour following the recent discovery of a substantial natural gas reserve in Mozambique.

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Inequality, Distributive Beliefs and Protests: A Recent Story from Latin America

24 Oct 2016

The third 'Conversations about Conflict and Violence' this term will be led by Dr Bruno Martorano who will briefly present findings from the paper he co-authored with Professor Patricia Justino on inequality, distributive beliefs and protests in Latin America.

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