The mainstreaming of impact into environment and development evaluations

Thursday 24 Apr 2014

Evaluating the impact of policies and interventions in a way that focuses on the linkages between environment and development is complicated, as different time horizons, geographical scales, actors and stakeholders need to be taken into account. Rob D. van den Bergfrom the Global Environment Facility in Washington, DC. will be introducing the GEF's mainstreaming approach and it's implications for evaluation.

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Who Counts? The Power of Participatory Statistics

Thursday 1 May 2014 Live Streaming

Local people can generate their own numbers – and the statistics that result are powerful for themselves and can influence policy.

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Graduation and Social Protection Conference

Tuesday 6 May 2014 until Thursday 8 May 2014

This 3 day conference will bring together policy-makers, practitioners and researchers, to review the state of knowledge and thinking on graduation and to explore how social protection can contribute to building resilient livelihoods for poor, vulnerable and food insecure people across the world.

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Public lecture - Mariana Mazzucato: The green entrepreneurial state

Monday 12 May 2014

Mariana Mazzucato (PhD) holds the prestigious RM Phillips chair in the Economics of Innovation at SPRU in the University of Sussex. She was recently Scientific Coordinator of a 3 year European Commission funded FP7 project on Finance, Innovation and Growth (FINNOV), and is currently working on two new research projects on finance and innovation, one funded by the Ford Foundation, and the other by the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

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IDS-DLGN Learning Retreat: Civic Engagement and Socially Inclusive Service Delivery

Tuesday 17 Jun 2014 until Friday 20 Jun 2014

This Learning Retreat will explore current thinking, practice and lessons learned in supporting meaningful civic engagement in local governance and policy processes, and in enabling socially inclusive and responsive service delivery in developing countries.

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IDS - DLGN Learning Retreat: Public Financial Management and Decentralisation in developing countries

Monday 23 Jun 2014 until Thursday 26 Jun 2014

This Learning Retreat will explore current thinking and practice on public financial management (PFM) in developing countries, with a focus on decentralisation. Both expenditure and revenue sides of the budget process will be covered, with particular attention on tax revenue mobilisation which is becoming a central issue in the international policy debate.

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Social Protection: Policies, programmes and evidence - short course

Monday 7 Jul 2014 until Thursday 10 Jul 2014

This course is open to a wide audience of policy makers, practitioners, researchers and project managers who are already or will be working in the area of social protection. To those who are new to social protection, the course offers an opportunity to come to grips with this area of work.

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Transforming Nutrition Ideas, Policy and Outcomes 2014

Monday 14 Jul 2014 until Friday 18 Jul 2014

The course's premise is that an acceleration of undernutrition reduction requires a transformation in the way we think about undernutrition in order to change the ways in which we address it. This 5 day course takes the participant through new ways of thinking about undernutrition and what to do about it.

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CANCELLED: A Mixed Method Evaluation Design for Mobile Phone Based Nutrition Monitoring and Promotion in Indonesia

Wednesday 16 Apr 2014

The seminar will present the evaluation design and highlight the challenges of the mixed-method evaluation on the use of mobile phone technology for nutrition monitoring and promotion in rural and urban Posyandus (community-based health posts) in Indonesia.

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Mobilising Business to Reduce Undernutrition: What is Possible? What isn't?

Wednesday 9 Apr 2014 Watch/Listen Again

Drawing on evidence from Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania, this seminar examines why food markets often fail to provide nutrient-rich foods to the people most in need. It looks at several policy responses to these problems and asks what has made these efforts succeed or fail.

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Impact Evaluation Design – Short Course

Monday 31 Mar 2014 until Friday 4 Apr 2014

This 5-day course will provide researchers, project managers and practitioners with the necessary methodology and practical knowledge to meet the growing demand for rigorous evaluation of development programmes.

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'The Abominable Crime': Homophobia, Law, and the Value of Visual Activism

Monday 24 Mar 2014

Film screening and panel discussion on 'The Abominable Crime' - a documentary exploring homophobia and its devastating effects in Jamaica.

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Local institutions and Cooperation in the Presence of Migration: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Thursday 20 Mar 2014

Using a set of innovative experiments in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the seminar paper explores cooperative behaviours between natives and migrants at the village level, and the role of local institutions on such within-village cooperation.

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Why development matters for health systems: Lessons from Bangladesh

Friday 14 Mar 2014 Watch/Listen Again

How have traditional developmental pillars, such as gender equality and poverty reduction and new types of relationship between government, NGOs and the private sector, have contributed to impressive health gains in Bangladesh.

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The Global Development Crisis and the Possibilities of Labour-Centred Development

Thursday 13 Mar 2014 Watch/Listen Again

Dr Ben Selwyn examines the concept of labour-centred development as an alternative to the current model of development which seeks to integrate the poor into the global capitalist system

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Myth and Reality: New Alliances to Challenge Stereotypes and Build Gender Equality Beyond 2015

Wednesday 12 Mar 2014

Join our lively event at the Commission on the Status of Women on 12 March in New York. 

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Making Unpaid Care Work Count in the Post-2015 Framework

Tuesday 11 Mar 2014

Join our parallel event on unpaid care work at the Commission on the Status of Women 2014

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Everyday Politics of Domestic Violence Law in Cambodia

Monday 10 Mar 2014

In September 2005 the Cambodian National Assembly ratified the ‘Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence and the Protection of the Victims’. This seminar explores the hiatus that has emerged between promises enshrined in legal reform and progress realised on the ground.

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