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Trading Away from Conflict: Using Trade to Increase Resilience in Fragile States

02 Mar 2015

Trade and trade policy can have serious implications for the incentives of individuals and governments to fight in fragile countries. This seminar will discuss some of the new research by the World Bank on how changes in imports and exports affect the risk and intensity of conflict.

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Measuring and Understanding Peace

04 Mar 2015

The Conflict, Violence and Development Cluster and the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace are jointly hosting a Seminar on the Global Peace Index. In this seminar, Steve Killelea, Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), will describe the Pillars of Peace framework .

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Sexuality, Poverty and Law: Negotiating the sharp end of equality

04 Mar 2015 until 03 Mar 2015

Inequalities in various forms have been rising in most parts of the world since the 1980s, but only recently has inequality begun to attract mainstream attention, including from the IMF and the World Bank.

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Overcoming inequality in education for social transformation

05 Mar 2015

This Sussex Development Lecture willl examine the evidence on the multiple ways in which education benefits individuals and societies and how wide inequalities in access and learning are holding back progress in education.

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Mission-Oriented Public Investments? State Investment Banks & Picking-Winner Policies

10 Mar 2015 Live Streaming

Mariana Mazzucato and Caetano Penna discuss the rise of state investment banks (SIBs) as lead funders of 'mission-oriented' innovation in various countries' agendas regarding 'smart' (innovation-led) growth and mission-oriented investments.

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What role does the UK have to play in creating a fairer and more sustainable world by 2030?

10 Mar 2015

Secretary of State Rt Hon Justine Greening MP will will reflect on how UK development has evolved in the last five years and her vision for the future. 

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What’s wrong with the WTO and how to fix it

12 Mar 2015

In this Sussex Development Lecture Rorden Wilkinson argues that without global institutions fit for purpose, we cannot hope for the kind of fine global economic management that can put an end to major crises or promote development-for-all.

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Extralegal Groups in Liberia: A Livelihoods Perspective

30 Mar 2015

This seminar explains how extralegal groups in Liberia came about, how they persisted, and the threats and opportunities that they created for statebuilding in the aftermath of the civil war. It illuminates the political economy of post-conflict transitions and contributes to a growing literature examining intra-state variation in post-conflict outcomes.

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Bottom-up perspectives on violence and conflict: lessons from Colombia, Kenya, South Sudan and Zimbabwe

14 Apr 2015

This event will share and discuss learning derived from an action research process carried out in four countries - Colombia, Kenya, South Sudan and Zimbabwe - to better understand citizens perspectives in contexts of fragility and chronic violence.

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Impact Evaluation Design - Short Course

20 Apr 2015 until 24 Apr 2015

This 5-day course on Impact Evaluation Design will provide researchers, project managers and practitioners with the necessary methodology and practical knowledge to meet the growing demand for rigorous evaluation of development programmes. The course leader is Dr Edoardo Masset.

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What role for the UK on the global stage?

26 Feb 2015 Watch/Listen Again

What role does the UK have in finding global solutions and bringing about greater global justice? Where can it make the most difference and how should this be balanced with priorities closer to home?

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Political Commitment to Public Services in India

23 Feb 2015

Vivek Srinivasan will examine how Tamil Nadu developed its commitment to services, and how it relates to the politics of public services elsewhere in India.

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Expanding opportunity in education – challenges for the Post 2015 agenda

19 Feb 2015

15 years ago governments came together to agree a set of ambitious goals aimed at delivering education for all. The international community is now debating a new set of ‘post-2015’ education goals.

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Evaluability Assessments and Choice of Evaluation Methods

19 Feb 2015

In this Centre for Development Impact seminar, Richard Longhurst (IDS) and Sarah Mistry (BOND) will highlight the importance of evaluability assessments for development projects, as well as discussing the suitability of various evaluation methods that are available to a manager.

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Strengthening African Universities for Economic Transformation: Approaches that Work

12 Feb 2015

Ernest Aryeetey, Vice-Chancellor of University of Ghana for a discussion around strengthing African Universities to make themselves more relevant in the areas of skills development and research in the new dispensation.

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Measurement and Meaning in a Messy World: Institutionalising Impact Evaluation

11 Feb 2015

Development programmes operate under conditions of uncertainty and complexity; they aim to address entrenched economic and social issues, involve diverse sets of stakeholders pursuing different, sometimes competing interests, and must adapt to shifting contexts. Yet, evaluations seeking to assess the impact of these programmes often fail to account for these conditions.  

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ResUp MeetUp Symposium and Training Exchange

09 Feb 2015 until 12 Feb 2015

Between 9-12 February 2015, the ResUp MeetUp will convene in Nairobi, Kenya, for a Symposium and Training Exchange. 

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Negative Reciprocity or taking what’s yours? Aboriginal economic engagements 1830-1920

05 Feb 2015

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Lynette Russel will consider 19th century moments of Aboriginal theft and begging. She will argue a kind of economic engagement that the colonists and authorities misunderstood as recidivism and criminality.

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Making green transformations a reality in 2015

04 Feb 2015

Jointly hosted meeting by APPG Trade Out of Poverty, APPG Debt, Aid and Trade and the Institute of Development Studies on accelerating progress towards sustainable economies and societies.

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Why Greater Equality is a Key to Sustainability

29 Jan 2015

This Sussex Development Lecture will be given by Richard Wilkinson, co author of the Spirit Level.

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