Is resilience the key to ending global poverty and hunger?

Watch/Listen Again Wednesday 7 November 2012 17:30 to 19:00
Committee Room 10, House of Commons

The concept of resilience is increasingly used by donors, policy makers and NGOs working in the international humanitarian and development sectors. Yet what does it mean and how can its use help to improve the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in an increasingly uncertain world?

This jointly organised Institute of Development Studies, CARE International, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Debt, Aid and Trade and the All Party Parliamentary Group for International Development and the Environment meeting brought together policy makers, academics and practitioners to examine the advantages and limitations of the concept of resilience.

Drawing on new research from the Institute of Development Studies, our expert panel explored how useful the concept is in determining policy that seeks to address the complex and interrelated causes of human vulnerability.

Speakers included:

  • Alison McGovern MP (Chair)
  • Christophe Béné, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies
  • Karl Deering, Climate Change and Food Security Team Leader, Care International
  • Joel Hafvenstein, Disaster Risk Reduction & Environment Advisor, Tearfund

Committee Room 10, House of Commons, Westminster, SW1A 0AA
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