Is The Post Growth Economy Already Here?

Thursday 18 September 2014 17:00 to 19:00
IDS Convening Space

Join Donnie Maclurcan from the Post Growth Institute for a glimpse into the Not-For-Profit global economy as he discusses conclusions from his forthcoming book with Jennifer Hinton, How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not-For-Profit World by 2050.

Not-for-profit enterprise will be at the heart of the global economy by 2050. This is the compelling vision outlined in How on Earth, based on a growing body of evidence that the world is shifting toward an ‘economics of enough’.

From construction and manufacturing, through to software development, food catering and retail, the not-for-profit ethic is permeating global commerce, with not-for-profit entities increasingly generating their own income, rather than relying on philanthropy. Cooperatives, community interest companies, government-owned corporations and social enterprises all show how reinvesting, rather than privatizing their profits, is the healthiest and most sustainable way to manage a business. In fact, many not-for-profit (NFP) enterprises are now outperforming their for-profit counterparts.

This inspiring set of evidence suggests that the foundations for a post-growth economy are already being laid. You can pre-order the book here: How on Earth: Flourishing in a Not for Profit World by 2050. Proceeds from the book will be reinvested in the Post Growth Institute's work.

About Donnie Maclurcan

Donnie Maclurcan is co- founder and director of the Post Growth Institute; Affiliate Professor of Social Science, Southern Oregon University; Distinguished Fellow, Schumacher Institute, and an Associate at the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Donnie also led the development of the (En)Rich List, the Post Growth Challenge, and Free Money Day. Aged 20, Donnie attained the Guinness World Record for the fastest journey on foot across Australia, running from Perth to Sydney in 67 days, raising $30,000 for the sight-restoring work of The Fred Hollows Foundation. Read more about Donnie and his work.

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