What's hot and what's not: How has development thinking changed in the last five years?

Watch/Listen Again Wednesday 6 March 2013 17:00 to 18:30
Chichester Lecture Theatre, University of Sussex

In this lecture Duncan Green, Senior Strategic Adviser at Oxfam GB and IDS visiting fellow reflected on how development thinking has changed and evolved over the last five years, based on the new edition of his book From Poverty to Power.  

Duncan explored some of the following key points in his lecture:

  • How do citizens and states interact - when does it work well and when does it go wrong?
  • Ending poverty - what is the role of international efforts vs. domestic national political struggle? How is our definition of poverty changing?
  • How did the financial crisis, food price spikes and the Arab Spring change the way we think about development?
  • How do you respond to the unexpected?
  • How has multilateral development leadership changed?
  • How do the Make Poverty History and IF Campaign's agendas differ and what does this say about development policy and practice?
  • What issues are not on the development agenda and why?