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"Saviours" or "Bystanders"? Framing the "International Community" in the Responsibility to Protect

26 Feb 2018

POSTPONED - new seminar date to be advertised soon

This seminar will argue that the responsibility to protect is not fit for purpose.

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Bridging the Humanitarian-Development Divide

08 Mar 2018

How can humanitarian aid workers and development actors work better together to achieve the SDGs, in a context of increasingly protracted conflicts, fragile states, environmental disasters and disease outbreaks?

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Beyond the traditional humanitarian aid model

15 Mar 2018

In this lecture, Professor Thea Hillhorst will discuss the traditional humanitarian aid model versus the resilience model and the conflicting images they evoke about crises, local institutions and the recipients of aid.

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International conference: 'Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World'

17 Mar 2018 until 18 Mar 2018

International Conference organised by The Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) focuses on understanding the rise of ‘authoritarian populism’ in rural settings across the world, as well as the forms of resistance occurring and the alternatives being built.

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Securing the Cordon: Destruction and Reconstruction in the Gaza Strip

19 Mar 2018

In this presentation, Francesco Sebregondi argues that the recurrent wars in the Gaza Strip can no longer be understood as an abrupt interruption of an otherwise normal state of peace; rather, they describe a peak of intensity in an economy of violence that takes various forms: structural and explosive, fast and slow.

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A post-imperial lens on displacement and development in the Middle East.

22 Mar 2018

Imperial encounters with multiculturalism and ethnic diversity characterized the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires as well as the colonies that were ruled by European empires

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Rethinking State and Society in China - Gordon White Lecture

18 Apr 2018

Professor Biao Xiang will deliver this lecture examining what Gordon White taught us in relation to examining social changes by the relation between the state and the society as two separate entities, particularly in China. 

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The Humanitarian Border: Aid and Development as tools to prevent migration

19 Apr 2018

In recent years crisis thinking associated with international migration has motivated a political re-evaluation of well supported elements of the relationship between migration and development.

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Humanitarianism under stress – meeting the challenge, strengthening the architecture and reviving the rules

26 Apr 2018

The international humanitarian system plays a critical role in development – but the system is operating under unprecedented stress. Armed conflict, climate risk, and insecurity have contributed to record levels of displacement.

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STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability 2018

14 May 2018 until 25 May 2018

Applications are invited from highly-motivated doctoral and postdoctoral researchers working in fields around development studies, science and technology studies, innovation and policy studies, and across agricultural, health, water or energy issues.

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The Bio-politics of Ethno-nationalism: Drugs, Vigilantes and Communal Conflict in Myanmar

13 Nov 2017

Myanmar's protracted ethnic conflict is commonly understood as the contestation between an ethnocratic state and ethnic minorities. This misses the worrying trend that is the mounting communal violence between and within ethnic minority communities. Based on long-term field research in Kachin State, this seminar uses the case of a Kachin vigilante militia to explore this kaleidoscope of fragmented ethnic conflict.

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Decolonising Gender and Development

09 Nov 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Andrea Cornwall, Professor of Anthropology and International Development and head of the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, will deliver this Sussex Development Lecture on Decolonising Development.

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Nimble Fingers, Reproductive Bargains, Biased Budgets, Feminist Alternatives

08 Nov 2017 Watch/Listen Again

In this seminar, renowned feminists, Ruth Pearson and Diane Elson, will outline key issues relating to their work on Gender Justice in the global economy.

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Rigour for Complexity: An Invitation to Explore

31 Oct 2017

Starting with definitions of terms, this seminar will contrast two paradigms for learning and acting: a neo-Newtonian paradigm more fitting for standardised and predictable physical things and a complexity paradigm more fitting for diverse, emergent and unpredictable people and social processes.

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Misunderstanding Modernity: The Social Scientific Neglect of Colonialism

26 Oct 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Professor Gurminder K Bhambra will address our commonly held misunderstandings of modernity and discuss how an adequate address of colonialism would require us to rethink our standard assumptions of the modern world and disciplinary responses to it.

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Is it Possible to Reconcile Power with Ethics in Development Relationships?

25 Oct 2017 Watch/Listen Again

Drawing from American pragmatism tradition and contemporary researches on power (including the power cube), this seminar aims to present how John’s Dewey transactional conception of power allows us to reconcile it with ethics.

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Social and Institutional Origins of Political Islam

23 Oct 2017

In the second Conversations about Conflict & Violence Series, Dr Ketchley discusses the conditions under which the first Islamic movements organised and what institutional contexts facilitated such mobilsation.

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Precarious Prospects: Oil in Northern Kenya

19 Oct 2017

An exhibition of photographs on oil and development in Kenya’s remote Turkana County. 

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Mixing Methods to Assess the Impact of Private Sector Support: Experiences from the Dutch PRIME-Programme

19 Oct 2017

In this seminar, new CDI Director Giel Ton will present his experiences with research design to improve real-time monitoring and evaluation in PSD organisations – Pioneering Real-time Monitoring and Evaluation in small and medium enterprises (PRIME).

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Participatory Monitoring and Accountability: what do we mean and how can it be linked to the SDGs?

18 Oct 2017 Watch/Listen Again

In this seminar, the speakers will share their thinking on Participatory Accountability; how it connects to the surfacing and valuing other types of knowledge; and its potential as a more inclusive and transformative approach to monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals.

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