Decolonisation and Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa: The Case of Rhodes University

23 Nov 2017

Professor Robert van Niekerk from Rhodes University will deliver this Sussex Developement Lecture on Decolonistion and Transformation of Higher Education in South Africa.

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On Babies and Bathwater: Decolonising International Development Studies

07 Dec 2017

In this Sussex Development Lecture, Dr. Rutazibwa offers a conversation between personal experiences, reflections and decolonial scholarship to reflect on the fundamental, practical, institutional and epistemological implications of recognising the coloniality in the international development project.

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Development Economics for Non-Economists

15 Jan 2018 until 19 Jan 2018

This unique course offers a stimulating, interactive, and entertaining introduction to the world of development economics.

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Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

22 Jan 2018 until 26 Jan 2018

This course equips policymakers and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively integrate disaster risk reduction with adaptation to climate change, in the context of development and poverty reduction.

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International conference: 'Authoritarian Populism and the Rural World'

17 Mar 2018 until 18 Mar 2018

International Conference organised by The Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative (ERPI) focuses on understanding the rise of ‘authoritarian populism’ in rural settings across the world, as well as the forms of resistance occurring and the alternatives being built.

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STEPS Summer School on Pathways to Sustainability 2018

14 May 2018 until 25 May 2018

Applications are invited from highly-motivated doctoral and postdoctoral researchers working in fields around development studies, science and technology studies, innovation and policy studies, and across agricultural, health, water or energy issues.

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Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence

25 Jun 2018 until 28 Jun 2018

This course enables participants to expand their knowledge base of approaches to social protection, develop an understanding of the challenges in designing and implementing social protection programmes, and critically assess current evidence of what works in social protection.

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China and Development Seminar 'In it for the Long Term? Governance and Learning Among Chinese Investors in Zambia's Copper Sector'

21 May 2009 Speaker: Dan Hugland, Department of Economics and International Development, University of Bath 
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Dangerous Ideas in Development 'How children are affected by 'development': stories from child slaves, street children and children growing up in violent contexts'

19 May 2009

Speakers: Joy Moncrieffe, Research Fellow in the Participation, Power and Social Change team, IDS, and editor of the IDS Bulletin 'Intergenerational Transmissions: Promoting Agency’ and David Mepham, Director of Policy at Save the Children UK.

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IDS at the Brighton Festival Fringe 'The Credit Crunch and Global Poverty'

12 May 2009

We know it’s bad for the stock markets - but how will the recession affect poor people around the world? Join our discussion of what the crisis means for development.

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‘Straight’ into the Asylum System: Heteronormativity as it affects refugees in Uganda

08 May 2009

Speaker: Chris Dolan, Director of the Refugee Law Project, Faculty of Law, Makerere University. 
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Dangerous Ideas in Development ‘Farmer First Revisited: Innovation for Agricultural Research and Development’

22 Apr 2009

This series of seminars is run jointly by the Institute of Development Studies and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Debt, Aid and Trade.
Speakers: Professor Robert Chambers, Institute of Development Studies, and Dr Patrick Mulvany, Practical Action
Chair: David Borrow MP
To reserve a place RSVP to Charlie Matthews:

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Climate Change and Development seminar 'Sociological Approaches to Climate Change'

21 Apr 2009 Speaker: Christopher Shaw, Department of Sociology, University of Sussex
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Sustainable Livelihoods and Community-Driven Development

26 Mar 2009 As part of an international series, Khanya-aicdd is hosting a seminar bringing together practitioners, policy-makers and academics to explore the links between Sustainable Livelihoods Approaches (SLA) and Community-driven Development (CDD). More details

Rethinking the regulation of risky technologies

19 Mar 2009 Links between global regulatory regimes and dynamic local contexts in China. More details

Closing the Sovereignty Gap: rethinking sovereignty in a networked world

12 Mar 2009 Clare Lockhart, Director of the Institute for State Effectiveness More details

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