Participatory Video Processes: building inclusive engagement and community-led change

18 Jun 2018 until 22 Jun 2018

Learn how to use participatory video to drive and mediate participatory and community-led change, in an ethical and contextualized way. 

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Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence

25 Jun 2018 until 28 Jun 2018

This course enables participants to expand their knowledge base of approaches to social protection, develop an understanding of the challenges in designing and implementing social protection programmes, and critically assess current evidence of what works in social protection.

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Transforming Nutrition: Ideas, Policies and Outcomes

16 Jul 2018 until 20 Jul 2018

This professional development course equips development policymakers and practitioners with the knowledge and skills to more effectively design, improve and implement strategic approaches to address nutrition issues at regional, national and global levels.  

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IDS Annual Lecture with Peter Piot

17 Jul 2018

Drawing on his more than 25 years of experience working on HIV/AIDS, Professor Peter Piot will discuss the interrelated relationship between HIV/AIDS and development. 

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Building effective public and civil society partnerships for teaching and research

10 Sep 2018 until 14 Sep 2018

Gain a rich understanding of the range of community, social and public engagement approaches and learn how to develop your organisation’s strategy in a way that more effectively responds to the needs of your locality.

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Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research 2018

08 Oct 2018 until 12 Oct 2018

The Fifth Global Symposium will focus on “Advancing Health Systems for All in the SDG Era” and will facilitate conversations and collaborations on new ways of financing health; delivering services; and engaging the health workforce, new social and political alliances, and new applications of technologies to promote health for all.

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African Elections

27 May 2009 Speakers: Anna Schmidt and David Leonard, IDS
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Climate Change and Development seminar 'Climate Change Adaptation in West Africa: Memory, Anticipation, and Muddling'

26 May 2009 Speaker: Dr. Petra Tschakert, Assistant Professor, epartment of Geography, Alliance for Earth Sciences, Engineering and Development in Africa (AESEDA)
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Conflict, Crime and Violence seminars: 'Insecurity, Urban Violence and Distorted Agencies'

22 May 2009 Speakers: Joy Moncrieffe and Joanna Wheeler, IDS
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Cleavage on the Queer Body: Light, Law and a Politics of Ambiguity

22 May 2009 Speaker: Akshay Khanna, University of Edinburgh
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China and Development Seminar 'In it for the Long Term? Governance and Learning Among Chinese Investors in Zambia's Copper Sector'

21 May 2009 Speaker: Dan Hugland, Department of Economics and International Development, University of Bath 
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Dangerous Ideas in Development 'How children are affected by 'development': stories from child slaves, street children and children growing up in violent contexts'

19 May 2009

Speakers: Joy Moncrieffe, Research Fellow in the Participation, Power and Social Change team, IDS, and editor of the IDS Bulletin 'Intergenerational Transmissions: Promoting Agency’ and David Mepham, Director of Policy at Save the Children UK.

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IDS at the Brighton Festival Fringe 'The Credit Crunch and Global Poverty'

12 May 2009

We know it’s bad for the stock markets - but how will the recession affect poor people around the world? Join our discussion of what the crisis means for development.

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‘Straight’ into the Asylum System: Heteronormativity as it affects refugees in Uganda

08 May 2009

Speaker: Chris Dolan, Director of the Refugee Law Project, Faculty of Law, Makerere University. 
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Dangerous Ideas in Development ‘Farmer First Revisited: Innovation for Agricultural Research and Development’

22 Apr 2009

This series of seminars is run jointly by the Institute of Development Studies and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Debt, Aid and Trade.
Speakers: Professor Robert Chambers, Institute of Development Studies, and Dr Patrick Mulvany, Practical Action
Chair: David Borrow MP
To reserve a place RSVP to Charlie Matthews:

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