'Queering Development Seminar Series' 2000-2001

Sunday 20 February 2000 - Thursday 31 May 2001

Why is development so straight? Sexuality is often ignored in development studies or practice, or if included, conceived of as a narrow form of heterosexuality. In early 2000 a group of students and staff at IDS got together to talk about this. We wondered how development could be 'queered'. Could consideration of sexualities in all their diversity allow development to gain a more holistic and appropriate understanding of stakeholders? Could development theory learn from the advances in queer theory? In 2000 and 2001 we organised a series of seminars to discuss such issues, materials from which are on this site.

Spring and Summer 2000 Seminar Series - Challenging Dominant Models of Sexuality in Development

Troubling race. Using Judith Butler's work to think about racialised bodies and selves (pdf) - Bridget Byrne

Global Theories and Sexuality (pdf) - Phil Gatter

Constituting the Global Gay: Law, Subjectivity, and Sexuality in Southern Africa (pdf) - Oliver Phillipps, University of Keele

Why is development work so straight? (pdf) - Gilles Kleitz, IDS
Seminar Discussion

What use is Queer theory to Gender and Development? (pdf) - Susie Jolly, IDS

Ouch! Feminists 'wounded attachment' to the Third World sex worker Seminar Discussion (pdf) - Jo Doezema, IDS

On the National Question: Imagined Masculinities, Enforced Sexualities and the African Renaissance (pdf) - Marc Mathuray, Hums, Univ. of Sussex

Post-modernity, post-development and the appeal of the Queer: A Cuban case study - David Forrest, CDE, Sussex

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the UK Labour Market (pdf) - Michele Calandrino, IDS

Summer 2001 Seminar Series - Challenging Dominant Models of Sexuality in Development

Screening of 'Tongues Untied'
A video of poetry and performance on race and sexuality
Marlon Riggs
Thursday 3rd May 1pm, IDS, room 120

Being queer and working in development
Panel discussion (Word doc)
Thursday 10th May 1pm, IDS, room 121

Social identity and personal activism in South Africa (Word doc)
Sonja Boezak, IDS
Thursday 17th May 1pm, IDS, room 220

Does second-hand underwear make you homosexual? - an outsider's perspective on the recent "outbreak" of homosexuality in Uganda
Marc Fiedrich, IDS
Thursday 24th May 1pm, IDS, room 220

Amnesty International campaign for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights
Nora Cranston, Amnesty
Thursday 31st May 1pm, IDS, room 220