CSP Conference 2011: Social Protection for Social Justice

Wednesday 13 April 2011 - Friday 15 April 2011 9:00 to 17:00
Institute of Development Studies

The Centre for Social Protection is convening a 3-day conference on Social Protection for Social Justice, to be held in April 2011 at IDS Sussex. The conference aims to explore future directions for social protection that go beyond social safety nets and risk management, to address broader concerns with redistributive equity and social injustice.

Some of the themes that this conference aims to address include the following:

  1. Constructing democratic governance: social protection and new social contracts
  2. Social protection and transformation of social and economic drivers of vulnerability
  3. Social protection and sustainable adaptation to climate and environmental change
  4. Social protection, inequality and redistributive justice

Contributions are invited on any aspect of social protection, from conceptualisation and design to implementation and impacts. We especially welcome papers that address the four themes identified above and draw lessons for how social protection can be made more effective, both in terms of protecting and empowering vulnerable people and in contributing over the longer run to more just and equitable social outcomes.