Revolutionizing Development - A Celebration of the Work of Robert Chambers

Friday 27 May 2011 09:00 to 19:30

Revolutionizing Development The IDS Alumni Association is hosting a very special event on Friday 27 May, to mark the launch of Revolutionizing Development: Reflections on the Work of Robert Chambers. This book tells the story of development studies in practice over the last 50 years through the work of Robert Chambers. His work has taken him from being a colonial officer in Kenya through training and managing large rural development projects to a fundamental critique of top-down development and the championing of participatory approaches. 
The day will include a series of panel discussions on themes reflecting Robert's many influential contributions, including 'poverty', 'livelihoods and vulnerability', 'power and participation' and 'participatory methods' among others. The discussions will be kicked off with short presentations by some of the contributors to the book which spans his entire career – from colonial Kenya to his current work on community led total sanitation.

This event is invitation only, but participant interviews and video presentations will be made available on the IDS website.