Viable solution or impossible dream?: The case for and against a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT)

Tuesday 14 June 2011 14:00 to 18:00
Residence Palace, Brussels

Important decisions at the European level regarding the implementation of a FTT are imminent. The issue will be discussed at the meeting of EU Finance Ministers also taking place on 14th June, with further announcements expected from the European Council the following week. Findings from the European Commission's impact assessment on a financial transaction tax are also due to be released shortly. It is therefore the right moment to discuss the tax in full detail.

The debate

The event will launch a systematic review of the evidence on FTTs undertaken by Neil McCulloch, an economist and leading Research Fellow at IDS. This piece of work will provide an invaluable insight into the debate, with the initial political discussion followed by an expert panel of leading academics, NGO representatives, financial market practitioners and policy makers who will interrogate the evidence.

Proponents argue that a tax on financial transactions would stabilise markets and could raise urgently needed money for a range of national and global public goods such as international development and climate change. Yet at the same time, there are concerns amongst policy makers, the financial sector and the academic community that the tax could increase market volatility, that it would be difficult to implement and that there are more effective ways of raising revenue for public goods.

More information

The event is jointly hosted by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), Oxfam, CONCORD and CIDSE will be followed by a drinks reception.

To register

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