Land Deal Politics Initiative

Land Deal Politics Initiative

Land Deal Politics Initiative
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South Africa
Thematic Experience:
Agriculture; Land Reform and Rights.


The objective of this initiative is to provide a platform and network to generate solid evidence through detailed, field-based research that incorporates and complements a range of policy-oriented donor and NGO-led reviews, as well as more activist political work. We hope to build a public database with different viewpoints, studies and surveys outlining the extent, nature and impact of changes in land use and land property relations around the world. We will focus, ultimately, on the politics of land deals- something often lacking in the current debate - and therefore we embed the commercial act of exchanging land titles into a broader framework concerned with 'land deal politics'. Through this initiative, we hope to dialogue with social movements, activists, policy makers, and concerned academics to produce data and discuss their implications.

Although the initiative will be global in scope, initial efforts will concentrate in sub-Saharan Africa (facilitated by Ian Scoones at IDS and the Future Agricultures Consortium, in alliance with the Institute of Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa to be coordinated by Ruth Hall), Southeast Asia (facilitated by Ben White, RELIVE/ISS; and Jun Borras, ICAS/IDS-Saint Mary's), and Latin America, especially Brazil (facilitated by Wendy Wolford, Cornell University).