The Power of Movements: Reporting back from the AWID Forum

17 December 2008

The 11th Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) Forum was held in Cape Town in November. More than 1,500 women's rights leaders and activists from around the world attended the event on ‘The Power of Movements’ - including representatives from BRIDGE, the specialised gender and development research and information service based at the Institute of Development Studies.

BRIDGE and their partners participated in the AWID Forum organising events to share its work on care, governance, masculinities and indicators as well as running a stand to promote its publications and websites. Here, Alison Brody, Senior Gender Officer and Emily Esplen, Research and Communications Officer for BRIDGE report back on some of the passionate discussions and heated debates that took place.

Care work: An affront to men’s dignity?

How can we move towards a more equal sharing of care responsibilities between women and men? The issue, says Emily Esplen is not whether men can change, but rather which policies and programmes best catalyse and support men to take on a more engaged - and equal - role in providing care.

Women in politics: Do numbers count?

Has the decision to bring more women into politics through quota systems really made a difference? Alison Brody shares a few highlights of interviews conducted by BRIDGE which probed some of the questions raised during this debate.

Clare Gorman is a Communication Officer at the Institute of Development Studies

Photo: Giacomo Pirozzi/Panos