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The East Asian Crisis

Papers from IDS Conference held July 1998

The following documents are in PDF (Portable Document Format) and can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free for downloading from Adobe's web-site.

What Happened in East Asia and What are its Meaning for Development?, by Keith Bezanson, is the Chairman's Report of the East Asian Crisis conference held at the Institute of Development Studies on July 13-14, 1998.

An analytical overview of the issues raised at the conference is available in: The East Asian Financial Crisis: A reflection on its Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications, by Stephany Griffith-Jones, with Jacques Cailloux and Stephan Pfaffenzeller, IDS Discussion Paper No 367. September 1998

The commissioned papers together with additional contributions to the two days are listed below - links are provided to full text versions (in PDF format) for many of these.


Stephany Griffith-Jones - How to Protect Developing Countries from Volatility of Capital Flows?

Michael J. Howell - Asia's "Victorian" Financial Crisis

Raphael Kaplinsky - "If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!": The roots of the East Asian Crisis, Competition and Change, Vol.4, pp.1-30, 1999.

Yung Chul Park and Chi-Young Song - The East Asian Financial Crisis : A Year Later

Helmut Reisen - Domestic Causes of Currency Crises: Policy Lessons for Crisis Avoidance

Frances Stewart and Gustav Ranis - The Asian Crisis and Human Development

Robert Wade - The Asian Crisis: Debt Deflation, Vulnerabilities, Moral Hazard, or Panic?


Ashok Bhundia, L. Kasekende - The East Asian Financial Crisis: Some Lessons for Uganda

Valpy FitzGerald - Global Capital Market Volatility and the Developing Countries: Lessons from the East Asian Crisis

John Hawkins, Morris Goldstein - Genesis of East Asia's Financial Tumult

K.S.Jomo - Malaysian Debacle: Whose Fault?

Christopher Huhne - After Asia: some lessons of the crisis

Katherine Marshall - Social Dimensions of the East Asia Crisis -Some Reflections on Experience from the Adjustment Eras in Africa and Latin America

Matthew Martin -Currency Crises: Lessons from Low-Income Africa?

Manuel Montes - Three Complications in Asian Economic Recovery

Anwar Nasution - The Meltdown of the Indonesian Economy in 1997-1998: Causes and Responses

Adam Posen - Does American-Style Finance Compel American-Style Society?


Caroline M. Robb - Social Aspects of the East Asian Financial Crisis: Perception of Poor Communities


Sunanda Sen - Asia 1997-98: An analysis of the Economic Turmoil

Ammar Siamwalla - Can a Developing Democracy manage its Macroeconomy? The Case of Thailand

HJ. Witteveen - The volatility of private capital flows to the developing countries. Lessons from the Asian crisis.

This workshop was termed the Gordon White Memorial Workshop in recognition of his contribution over many years to the study of East Asian development, and as a memorial to his work and the inspiration he gave to many.

For more information on the Asian crisis, visit a summary of the research at IDS and the ELDIS guidewith links to a wide range of resources and full-text papers .

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