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International Finance

CAD3 and Developing Countries: the Potential Impact of Diversification Effects on International Lending Patterns and Pro-cyclicality Stephany Griffith-Jones, Miguel Segoviano and Stephen Spratt
Exciting new findings about twin benefits of geographical diversification from lending to developing countries. It would make flows both cheaper, more abundant and more stable. Implications for bank regulation in the Basle Capital Accord and for its European application.

The Globalisation Team has begun working on developing a new research programme on the impact of the rapidly growing Asian economies on the rest of the global economy, and in particular on developing countries. This work is being supported by a grant from
the IDS Strategic Initiatives Fund. Stephany Griffith-Jones has prepared a paper for the programme, more>

Cost of Currency Crises and Benefits of International Financial Reform Stephany Griffith-Jones and Ricardo Gottschalk

Alternative Loan Guarantee Mechanisms and Project Finance for Infrastructure in Developing Countries Stephany Griffith-Jones and Ana Teresa Fuzzo De Lima

Headed by Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones, the International Finance Team at IDS works on international capital flows, reform of the global financial architecture and enhancing the flow of stable private capital to developing and transition economies.

The work of the team is strongly policy-oriented, with a particular focus on the evolving debate on how best to reform the international financial architecture.

See also: Submission to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision: CP3 and the Developing World

The submission highlights the major areas of concern to developing countries about the soon to be completed Basle II Capital Accord. Implemented in its’ current form, the Accord is very likely to significantly reduce the quantity and increase the cost of bank lending to developing countries, whilst increasing cyclicality of such. The submission proposes ways to overcome these problems.

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Stephany Griffith-Jones website has more information about her work, current activities and published papers.

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