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IDS alumni are located all over the world and after studying at IDS go on to a range of careers in development. This makes the Alumni Blog uniquely placed to represent opinions on development from a diverse range of experience and professions, all of whom have IDS in common. The posts on this blog reflect the opinions of each individual, and not necessarily those of IDS.

Alumni Ambassador for Brazil

Brazil in crisis! What is to be done?

By James Allen
12 Jul 2016
With the political crisis in Brasilia looming large, alumni in Brazil met in May to discuss the sustainable development goals and the future of development in Brazil.

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My Chevening Journey: Signing Out

11 Jun 2016
Chimwemwe John Paul Manyozo, a recent graduate of the MA Development Studies describes his year at IDS and in the UK as a Chevening Scholar.

Institute of Development Studies blogs

How will the Sustainable Development Goals be implemented in Tanzania?

By Mary Kalavo
19 May 2016
IDS alumni in Tanzania recently came together to celebrate IDS’ 50th Anniversary and discuss how Tanzania can respond effectively to the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Group shot of attendees of event

Applying lessons from the MDGs to the SDGs in Nepal

By Jimmy Lama
27 Apr 2016
To celebrate IDS’s 50th anniversary this year, Nepal’s IDS Alumni Ambassador Jimmy Lama reports on the panel discussion exploring how Nepal can effectively respond to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Group shot of event attendees

The role of Kenya’s devolution process in implementing the SDGs

By Collins Aseka
25 Apr 2016
IDS Alumni Ambassador Collins Aseka reports back from the IDS 50th anniversary event in Kenya, discussing the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the cover to the book 'Navigating Complexity in International Development: Facilitating sustainable change at scale.

Navigating Complexity: An Evening on Change and the Quest to Sustain It

By Megan Driscoll
11 Mar 2016
Students and fellows alike gathered to hear Danny Burns propose new models of responding to change and complexity.

Gathering in Washington with US alumni

Alumni Gather in Washington with IDS Leadership

By Felix Bivens, Susan Fleck, Sarah King
17 Feb 2016
IDS alumni, former staff members and research partners gathered at the Oxfam America offices in Washington, DC, on the night of January 28th to learn about and discuss the new IDS strategy.

Raising gender awareness - my journey since IDS

By Elena Olascoaga, Sarah King
15 Feb 2016
IDS Alumna Elena Olascoaga blogs about raising gender awareness and the projects she has led since leaving IDS.

Wadan Narsey new book on thesis

Publishing an IDS thesis - better late than never

By Wadan Narsey, Sarah King
08 Feb 2016
IDS Alumnus, Wadan Narsey, blogs about publishing his thesis, and his active involvement during the 30 years prior, working locally in Fiji on development issues.

Photo of Rhiannon McCluskey

Is responsible tax behaviour the next frontier of CSR?

By Rhiannon McCluskey
14 Dec 2015
In the past decades, the evolution of international norms has led fair labour practices and environmental sustainability to become core parts of corporate social responsibility. Is fair tax contribution next?