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IDS alumni are located all over the world and after studying at IDS go on to a range of careers in development. This makes the Alumni Blog uniquely placed to represent opinions on development from a diverse range of experience and professions, all of whom have IDS in common. The posts on this blog reflect the opinions of each individual, and not necessarily those of IDS.

Miguel Loureiro photo

Informal social protection vital for Pakistan post-earthquake recovery

By Miguel Loureiro
23 Sep 2015
As part of our 2005 Pakistan earthquake 10th anniversary blog series, Miguel Loureiro explains how informal social protection, accessed or provided by social networks (family, kinship groups, etc) proved an essential part of people's post-earthquake recovery.

Taken by Adam Cohn
Nyabugogo Bus Station

In the Nyabugogo area of Kigali, the bus station also acts as a trading post, facilitating commerce between folks on the move.

Unlocking the trade and growth potential of Africa’s services sector

By Sarah King, Taffere Tesfachew
22 Sep 2015
We're all familiar with the Africa rising story and the Economist's description of the continent as the "new global powerhouse". Africa is indeed rising economically but a bit presumptuous to refer to the continent as a global powerhouse.

Barefoot Child in Cambodia used for Ippei Tsuruga blog entry - Photo taken by Ippei

Ending Chronic Poverty by 2030: What is Required for Implementation?

By Ippei Tsuruga, Sarah King
11 Sep 2015
Do we ‘still’ have 15 years to 2030? No. We have ‘only’ 15 years. In order to eliminate extreme poverty, we need to take immediate actions to tackle chronic poverty. What are the potential challenges? How can they be overcome?

Alumni reception in Malawi 2015

Warm welcome from Malawi for IDS Alumni

By Anna Shepherd
10 Jul 2015
Malawi is known as the ‘Warm heart of Africa’ and certainly warmth was what everyone who attended our most recent IDS Alumni and Supporters Reception in Lilongwe, experienced.

Photo of Professor Stephany Griffith-Jones - Economist

New finance minister signals Tsipras’ willingness to reach compromise

By Stephany Griffith-Jones
07 Jul 2015
Emeritus Fellow Stephany Griffith-Jones shares her memories and personal opinion on the recent appointment of IDS alumnus, Euclid Tsakalotos as the new Finance Minister for Greece.

IDS in the news

A Nigerian in Brighton: my postgrad experience at Sussex University

06 Jul 2015
IDS Alumnus Patience Modupe Bamidele is interviewed by The Guardian about her time at IDS.

Fang Jing Alumni Ambassador China

Building global partnerships - a view from Beijing

By Fang Jing
13 May 2015
Studying at IDS and Sussex University broadened my vision and enabled me to see the world from interdisciplinary and diverse perspectives. I remember that at the beginning of my studies, I struggled to understand some of the terms, such as “accountability” and “governance”.

Maureen Lance-Onyeiwe, Alumni Ambassador for Nigeria

Ten recommendations for the first 100 days of Buhari’s presidency

By Maureen Lance-Onyeiwu
09 Apr 2015
Nigeria recently elected an opposition leader as president for the time in its history. It remains to be seen whether Muhammadu Buhari’s government can deliver on the changes he’s promised, but here’s ten things he could start with.

Give gun amnesties a chance

By Robert Muggah
25 Mar 2015
IDS Alumnus Robert Muggah blogs on about gun crime in South Africa.

Thomas Lines IDS Alumni

Curious work at the City of London’s local government

By Thomas Lines
17 Mar 2015
The United Kingdom’s current role in the world seems paradoxical, even contradictory. On one hand the government is committed to spending 0.7 per cent of gross national income on foreign aid, despite the most severe budget cuts.