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IDS alumni are located all over the world and after studying at IDS go on to a range of careers in development. This makes the Alumni Blog uniquely placed to represent opinions on development from a diverse range of experience and professions, all of whom have IDS in common. The posts on this blog reflect the opinions of each individual, and not necessarily those of IDS.

Maureen Lance-Onyeiwe, Alumni Ambassador for Nigeria

Ten recommendations for the first 100 days of Buhari’s presidency

By Maureen Lance-Onyeiwu
09 Apr 2015
Nigeria recently elected an opposition leader as president for the time in its history. It remains to be seen whether Muhammadu Buhari’s government can deliver on the changes he’s promised, but here’s ten things he could start with.

Give gun amnesties a chance

By Robert Muggah
25 Mar 2015
IDS Alumnus Robert Muggah blogs on about gun crime in South Africa.

Thomas Lines IDS Alumni

Curious work at the City of London’s local government

By Thomas Lines
17 Mar 2015
The United Kingdom’s current role in the world seems paradoxical, even contradictory. On one hand the government is committed to spending 0.7 per cent of gross national income on foreign aid, despite the most severe budget cuts.

Harriet Lamb Alumni

Will the Sustainable Development Goals change our Barbie Doll World?

By Harriet Lamb CBE
04 Mar 2015
Former IDS MPhil student, Harriet Lamb argues that that the Sustainable Development Goals must face up to and address excess market power if they are to catalyse transformative change.

Richard Mallett - Overseas Development Institute (ODI)

What Ebola tells us about how to do state-building

By Richard Mallett, Paul Harvey
03 Mar 2015
What does the Ebola crisis tells us about our conventional ways of doing state-building? Richard Mallett and Paul Harvey of the Overseas Development Institute reflect on the lessons from the recent IDS event on Ebola and Lessons for Development.

Mangroves Away: Subsistence Fisherwomen Tell Their Stories

By Zoe Sullivan
16 Feb 2015
Pernambuco used to have approximately 5000 women fisher folk. Unlike their male counterparts, who generally use boats to fish off-shore, the women fisher folk work in the tidal mangrove swamps that hug the state's coast.

Eppie Ushewekunze and William April 1986

How IDS shaped my career by an MP10 graduate

By William Lockwood-Benet
15 Jan 2015
I am a MP10 grad from Puerto Rico and I am still proud to have been bitten by the comparative development bug.

Brazil Alumni with Melissa Leach_Nov 2014

Alumni Event in Brazil

By James Allen
30 Dec 2014
Alumni and Supporters Event held in Sao Paulo, Brazil

IDS Alumni logo

Alumni Event in South Africa

By Linda Waldman
26 Dec 2014
Alumni and Supporters event held in Cape Town and Johnannesburg, South Africa

Photo from the 2014 IDS Pantomime

IDS Pantomime - Murder in the 21st Century

By Richard Longhurst
19 Dec 2014
Alumni Network's Senior Drama Critic reviews the 2014 IDS Pantomime - Murder in the 21st Century.