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IDS alumni are located all over the world and after studying at IDS go on to a range of careers in development. This makes the Alumni Blog uniquely placed to represent opinions on development from a diverse range of experience and professions, all of whom have IDS in common. The posts on this blog reflect the opinions of each individual, and not necessarily those of IDS.

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BLOG: Inspiring Change following International Womens Day

By Ranjani Krishnamurthy
28 Mar 2014
By Ranjani Murthy

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BLOG: IDS - From business card to business partner

24 Mar 2014
By Ippei Tsuruga, IDS Alumnus and currently working at Japan International Cooperation Agency

This is the image for the March 2014 Alumni Update.

BLOG: Welcome to 'Politics of Gender'

By Anna Shepherd
19 Mar 2014
Guest blog from current IDS MA students Moe, Ana, Precious, Stacey, Mohamed, Pramita, Jungyoun, Ahra & Ulrica who are organising a mini-conference - 'The Politics of Gender'

Institute of Development Studies blogs

BLOG: Traction Politics is taking birth in India!

14 Mar 2014
By Shantanu GuptaIndia's

Lawrence Haddad at Alumni launch event for the Scholarship Fund

BLOG: Eyes to the future: Why we need a Scholarship Fund

By Lawrence Haddad
03 Mar 2014
A guest blog post by Anna Shepherd

Photo of Anna Shepherd

BLOG: Eyes to the Future: Why we need a Scholarship Fund

By Anna Shepherd
03 Mar 2014
By Anna Shepherd

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BLOG: Hope Floats

26 Feb 2014
By Akansha Yadav

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Now that I have graduated

14 Feb 2014
By Paola Velasco Herrejon, MA Gender and Development 2012-2013