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Andrea Cornwall - Honorary Associate

Participation, Inclusion and Social Change; Honorary Associates
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Professor Andrea Cornwall is a social anthropologist specialising in the anthropology of participation and democracy, masculinities, women's empowerment and women's rights, and sexualities.

Andrea Cornwall is no longer a member of staff at IDS, however, she is an Honorary Associate and the Director of the Pathways of Women's Empowerment programme, which is hosted by the Participation Cluster at IDS.  

Pathways is a research and communication programme which seeks to discover where women are achieving real gains despite or because of policy and practice. It looks at how this has happened, and aims to make these pathways visible so that we can build on these revealed successes.

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Supporting the realisation of sexual rights and access to basic services for those facing poverty and injustice

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Deepening individual and collective self-awareness of how our knowledge and values shape our relationships with others

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IDS publications on international development research

Sexuality and Development

Development 52.1 (2009)
IDS publications on international development research

Democratising Engagement: What the UK can Learn from International Experience

Governments around the world are starting to realise that engaging their citizens more in shaping the decisions that affect their everyday lives improves both legitimacy and the quality of public services. More details

Front cover of Bulletin 39.3, Unsafe Abortion: A Development Issue

Unsafe Abortion: A Development Issue

IDS Bulletin 39.3 (2008)

Abortion has become an ever more controversial issue, provoking strong reactions both 'for' and 'against'. Language used in disputes over whether or not women should have access to safe and legal abortion indicates just how polarised debates have become: pro-choice versus pro-life; pro-abortion versus anti-choice. More details

Thematic Expertise:
Gender; HIV; Participatory methodologies; Sexuality.