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Peter P. Houtzager - Research Fellow

T: +44 (0)1273 915709


Caroline Martin

Thematic Expertise:
Citizenship; Governance; Collective Action; Politics and Power; Rights; Social Protection. Social Protection.

Geographic Expertise:
Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr Peter Houtzager received his PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley, and has been a fellow at IDS since 1999. He is a political scientist with broad training in comparative politics and historical-institutional analysis.

Areas of specialisation include: urban governance; citizen-state relations; varieties of civil society and democratisation processes; social network analysis and multi-methods research; social movement theory, and political development in Latin America.

Evidence and Lessons from Latin America' (ELLA) is a knowledge sharing and learning programme, that seeks to improve knowledge of Latin America's development among African and Asian policymakers, practitioners and researchers - on selected economic, environmental and governance issues.

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The Partnership for African Social and Governance Research has commissioned an innovative, applied, methods course for the region's mid-career faculty engaged in research on governance and social policy.

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Front cover of Bulletin 38.6, State Reform and Social Accountability: Brazil, India and Mexico

State Reform and Social Accountability

This IDS Bulletin focuses on the role of civil society actors in the design of sectoral reforms and the possibilities of social accountability resulting from this role. In addition to large institutional reforms in social assistance and health, the articles cover education reform in India as well. They are compiled from the first year fieldwork findings of the study called ‘Modes of Service Delivery, Collective Action and Social Accountability in Brazil, India, and Mexico’. More details

IDS Working Paper

Associations and the Exercise of Citizenship in New Democracies: Evidence from São Paulo and Mexico City

A well-established body of democratic theory suggests that associations are the schools of democracy and, because they produce civic and active citizens, are vital to the quality of democracy. In this paper we find that this may not be the case in newer democracies with authoritarian legacies. Survey research in the large urban centers of São Paulo and Mexico City reveals that citizens who participate in associations are more likely to actively pursue a range of rights and entitlements, but this participation does not improve the quality of their relations with government. More details

This is the cover of a Working Paper

The Movement of the Landless (MST) and the Juridical Field in Brazil

This paper focuses on the Movement of the Landless (MST) in Brazil, which through a number of legal strategies has helped produce watershed high court rulings, contributed to the process of constitutionalising law, and made access to land more equitable in parts of Brazil by redefining property rights in practice. More details

This is the cover of a Working Paper

In Whose Name? Political Representation and Civil Organisations in Brazil

This paper examines which organisations define themselves as political representatives and the forms of representation they are constructing. It also explores some of the possible consequences of different forms of representation for democracy. More details

IDS publications on international development research

Changing Paths: International Development and the New Politics of Inclusion

After two decades of marketizing, an array of national and international actors have become concerned with growing global inequality, the failure to reduce the numbers of very poor people in the world, and a perceived global backlash against international economic institutions. More details

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