Vulnerable Livelihoods in Somali Region, Ethiopia

Devereux, S.
IDS Research Report 57
Publisher IDS
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This report is an investigation into the causes and consequences of livelihood vulnerability in Somali Region, Ethiopia.

People in this region 'pastoralists, agro-pastoralists, farmers and traders' have suffered a series of livelihood shocks in recent years, some natural (droughts, livestock disease), others political (a crackdown on contraband trade, bans by Gulf states on livestock imports, violent conflict between (sub-)clans or between Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) militia and the state).

As a result of these multiple shocks, and because rainfall in the Horn of Africa has been low in recent years, questions are being asked about the sustainability of pastoralism as a livelihood system, not only in Somali Region but throughout the Greater Horn of Africa.

IDS Research Report
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