Policy Anticipation, Response and Evaluation

Evidence-based policy is often framed by questioning what works, for whom and in what situations. It is often forgotten that the ability to answer this question depends on knowledge about what has happened, what is happening and what is likely to happen.

Impact evaluation, real-time monitoring and foresight are critical elements of development policy processes. This is particularly so when issues are emergent, complex, or sensitive. Effective short and medium term horizon scanning is thus essential. New tools, approaches and methods are needed to allow governments, donors, NGOs and businesses to scan, to act and to measure impact.

This first of the programmes outcomes is stronger and timely evidence-based guidance for governments, donors and NGOs to respond rapidly to unfolding events and newly emerging issues through horizon scanning and crisis response. The programme will also ensure tested innovative approaches for evaluating policy impacts in complex contexts.

The Policy-Anticipation, Response and Evaluation Programme is commissioned and funded by the Department for International Development. In addressing these issues, the programme is organised under three ongoing projects which run from April 2012.

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Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today is a horizon scanning programme designed to support the preliminary but systematic exploration of new and emergent policy issues. More details

Impact Innovation

This programme will assess the impact of new interventions and policy options across a range of policy areas. More details

(Proactive) Foresight

24 Nov 2015
By Gioacchino Gioel