Supporting research on land grabs: small grant winners announced

28 March 2012

The Future Agricultures Consortium, whose secretariat is based at IDS, has recently supported 21 small grants for research on different aspects of 'land grabbing' across 15 countries in Africa.

Mining plant in Peru. Panos / Eduardo Martino

This is part of a small grants programme by the Land Deal Politics Initiative (LDPI). In total 48 grants have been awarded, with research being undertaken in 35 countries across the world. This follows on from last year's awards, when 20 grants were awarded for work on land grabbing in Africa.

The LDPI small grants programme supports new empirical research by early career researchers, aimed at exploring the social and political dynamics of land deals in diverse contexts.

Grantees have the opportunity of presenting at the forthcoming international conference on global land grabbing to be held at Cornell University in the US on 17-19 October. A call for papers has recently been made.

An in-depth understanding of who wins, who loses and the social, political and environmental consequences of commercial land deals – for food, biofuels, mining, conservation and carbon – is essential if more effective policymaking is to emerge.

The land theme of the Future Agricultures Consortium is committed to extending this analysis, and has on-going work in Ghana, Ethiopia, Malawi, Nigeria and Congo-Brazzaville.