The Big Question for Development, IDS Podcast January 2010

4 January 2010

4 January 2010

Each month we speak to two people working on development issues across the world, finding out a bit about their work and asking them ‘What do you think is the big question that Development Studies needs to answer?

A recent workshop at IDS explored Pleasure and Women's Empowerment. In this programme we ask how a more positive approach to sexuality could help to promote well-being, saver sex and empower women.

In this programme we speak to:

  • Susie Jolly, convener of the Sexuality and Development Programme at IDS. We ask her why sexuality is a development issue and why it's so important to talk about women's sexual pleasure.
  • Bibi Bakare Yusuf, who works for Cassava Republic Press, a publishing company in Nigeria. We asked her why it's important to think about the positive sides of sexuality and pleasure, rather than researching only negative and violent aspects of sex.