Webmail/Intranet Login

This page provides instructions on how to login to the Office 365 portal to access your email, calendar and the IDS Intranet etc. 

How to logon to the Office 365 portal

  • Open an internet browser and navigate to this address https://portal.office.com
  • Enter your IDS username as [username]@ids.ac.uk e.g. toms@ids.ac.uk (do not use your email address)

Office 365 login screen

  • When you will see the screen message saying 'Redirecting......' please wait for the next logon box to appear. 
  • Enter your IDS [username]@ids.ac.uk and your current IDS password. 

Note: Only tick the Keep me signed in box if you are connecting from a device owned by you.

For security, always sign out and close the browser (not just the page) when using a public computer e.g. airport, library etc. or a computer that does not belong to you e.g. a friend’s computer.

Password administration

You can change your IDS password by navigating to this link:

Change your IDS password

Please note that you can only change your password if you know your current IDS password. If you have forgotten your current IDS password or you are experiencing difficulties logging on to the IDS portal, you will need to contact the IDS helpdesk (catshelpdesk@ids.ac.uk) for assistance.

More information can be obtained from the Computer and Technical Services FAQ section on the IDS Intranet (this site is for IDS members only). You can also connect to the IDS intranet via the IDS logo along the top of the Office 365 portal once you have logged in to your email.

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