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IDS Knowledge Services have over 40 years experience delivering and supporting a range of information-sharing services, and strengthening the ability of others to do the same. These services aim to present a balanced view of the latest debates and practice in international development.

The British Library for Development Studies (BLDS) contains the largest collection of economic and social development materials in Europe. As well as supporting IDS researchers and students, BLDS runs pioneering programmes profiling southern research such as our the Publication Exchange programme in a range of institutions in over 30 countries.

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Access to research through our document delivery service: this service is delivered in partnership with the Global Development Network. Over 200 southern organisations are registered and can access any journal articles and book chapters within 48 hours.

Digital Library (OpenDocs): Our librarians work with research institutions in Africa and Asia to digitise their publications and make them available online. By making them easier to find on search engines, the BLDS Digital Library increases the global audience for these materials. With publications dating back to the 1960s, it is a unique resource for students of international development studies and others interested in the history of development. OpenDocs also hosts IDS’ growing institutional repository.

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BRIDGE is a research and information service supporting gender advocacy and mainstreaming efforts by bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice. BRIDGE acts as a catalyst by facilitating the generation and exchange of relevant, accessible and diverse gender information in print, online and through other innovative forms of communication.


Online information resources: BRIDGE hosts a global resources library on its website, which includes gender-focused information materials in a number of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. The BRIDGE team also works with organisations to develop online resources which are useful and relevant to their constituency, such as the Uruguay-based portal SendasAL which both incorporates Spanish translations of BRIDGE materials on gender and governance, and materials sourced from the Latin American region.

Communities of practice: a vital component of the BRIDGE programmatic approach is to convene communities of practice and host expert discussions around key development issues applying a ‘gender lens’. A recent successful expert discussion around gender and food security resulted in the commissioning of a briefing paper: Innovative approaches to gender and food security (Insights).

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Eldis is an online information service covering development research on a wide change of thematic areas including agriculture, climate change, conflict, gender, governance, and health. Eldis includes over 32,000 summaries and links to free full-text research and policy documents from over 8,000 publishers. Eldis also provides a free job-finding service for development researchers and practitioners.

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A collaborative production model: while hosted by IDS, Eldis is now being delivered by a network of organisations including the Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) in India, Soul Beat Africa, and the National Library Service in Malawi. These partners help to provide relevant, up-to-date and diverse coverage of key development themes.

Introductory guides to complex areas of development: Eldis also works with subject experts to describe complex development issues for non-specialist audiences. These thematic guides, called Key Issues Guides, highlight key resources on each topic. For example around climate change, Eldis has guides focusing on Climate Finance, Climate Smart Agriculture and Low Carbon Development.

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