SRAEL (PALESTINE) Gaza Strip. Palestinian women waiting to visit relatives inside Ansar Two prison.

New IDS research reveals impact of militarism on violence against women in Gaza

26 Nov 2015 As political unrest continues in Gaza, IDS research highlights the link between military violence, the worsening economic situation and rising violence against women. More details

GUINEA BISSAU Bubaque Island, Bijagos Archipel
High school girls are stage a rally to protest domestic violence.
Petrut Calinescu / Panos

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence, 2015

25 Nov 2015 In support of the 16 Days campaign we're featuring a range of resources that provide fresh insights into gender-based violence and how militarism affects education. More details

Palestinian Territories Khan Younis Refugee camp, Gaza. The Gaza Parkour And Free Running team practice in a cemetery on the outskirts of their refugee camp in Khan Younis, Gaza. The walls show damage from past Israeli incursions. Credit: 
Tanya Habjouqa / Panos.

What role for development in reducing armed violence?

25 Nov 2015 Major IDS policy analysis highlights the need for greater knowledge of how the nature of violence is changing and why and how conflict comes about. More details

Love Matters Awards 2015

Songs about Love and Sex: They Are Singing For Your Vote!

23 Nov 2015 These are the first music awards in Kenya dedicated to providing young people the chance to produce songs on themes related to pleasure and sexuality. Vote for your favourite now! More details

Centre for Social Protection logo, IDS Research

Centre for Social Protection newsletter 33

19 Nov 2015 Welcome to the thirty third issue of the Centre for Social Protection Newsletter. The 'talking point' in this edition discusses evaluating social protection impacts. More details

IDS students who are currently studying their Masters in development studies

Top ranking master’s courses open for applications

12 Nov 2015 Applications invited for students looking to build their careers in international development and their knowledge and understanding of complex global challenges at leading research institute. More details

Love Matters Awards 2015

Love Matters Music Award 2015

10 Nov 2015 In November 2015 IDS, together with Love Matters, is launching the first Love Matters Music Award - providing young people in Kenya the chance to produce songs on themes related to pleasure, and sexuality. More details

Hye-Kyung Chung (Head of Development Knowledge Bank, Development Research and Learning Network, KDI School of Public Policy and Management), James Georgalakis (Director of Impact, IDS), Kelly Shephard (Head of Open Knowledge and Digital Services, IDS) and Tae Hee Choi (Associate Dean, Development Research and Learning Network, KDI School of Public Policy and Management). 
Photo credit: Simon Colmer/IDS

Agreement signed with KDI School of Public Policy and Management

05 Nov 2015 New IDS-KDI agreement signals commitment to work in partnership to promote open access to research knowledge. More details
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IDS website now responsive so mobile friendly

IDS website now ‘responsive’ for mobile devices

30 Oct 2015 A new upgrade to the IDS website has been launched today. If you are visiting the website using a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone then you’ll notice a new ‘responsive’ layout. More details

Gun image

Tackling the Rise of Gun Violence in India’s Cities

30 Oct 2015 A new IDS Rapid Response Briefing identifies the worrying trend of gun-related violence in India’s mid-sized cities and asks what lessons can be learnt from Latin America. More details

Left to right: Li Xiaoyun, Jing Gu, Stephen Twigg MP (chair of IDC), Fiona Bruce MP, Justin Lin and Jeremy Lefroy MP.

Former World Bank Chief Economist Justin Lin calls for China – UK – Africa cooperation to promote growth

29 Oct 2015 UK Parliament event discusses how the UK and China can work together to tackle global challenges More details

Love Padlocks on the Butcher's Bridge in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Photo by Nathan Meijer, cc on flickr

Crucial new insights on sexuality and the Sustainable Development Goals

22 Oct 2015 New IDS report reveals the linkages between sexuality, gender and the SDGs, providing important insights for international, national and local development actors. More details

The Prime Minister David Cameron attends a bilateral meeting with the President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping - part of President Xi's State Visit to the UK in October 2015. Credit - Number 10 - Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Closer cooperation between UK and China critical to reducing poverty and accelerating sustainability

21 Oct 2015 IDS is taking steps to strengthen relationships with leading experts on development in China, as part of an overall strategy to generate high quality research and knowledge in partnership, with those at the heart of change in global development. More details

Open Access Logo Thumb

What's the future for Open Knowledge?

19 Oct 2015 Partners from the Open Knowledge Hub project will meet at IDS 21-23 October 2015 to share learning and explore the future role of Open Knowledge approaches in addressing development challenges. More details

Development needs technological innovation that harnesses and enhances human creativity, insight and judgment

16 Oct 2015 As technological advances continue apace and offer exciting new solutions to reducing poverty and improving wellbeing, we must not lose sight of the continued importance of human insight and judgement in tackling complex development challenges. More details

Men and women on pubic works site in Rwanda - Sam Thompson/DFID Rwanda

World Food Day: placing social protection and agriculture at the heart

16 Oct 2015 This year's World Food Day is a timely reminder of how far the global community needs to go to ensure that all people have access to healthy and nutritious food by 2030. With social protection and agriculture as the focus of the day, it highlights the need to put human rights and food security at the core of efforts to feed the world. More details

Students attending last year's STEPS Centre Summer School

STEPS Centre Summer School on pathways to sustainability

12 Oct 2015 The IDS-based ESRC STEPS Centre is inviting applications to participate in its 2016 Summer School. More details

Institute of Development Studies news and analysis on international development

Pakistan 2005 earthquake - what have we learnt?

08 Oct 2015 Today is exactly ten years since an earthquake measuring 7.6 in the Richter scale struck parts of northern Pakistan and both Indian-administered and Pakistan-administered Kashmir. In this blog series, Miguel Loureiro shares a number of insights he's gained from work: More details

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