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Growth is dead, long live growth! Why we need to pay urgent attention to the quality of economic growth

22 Jan 2015 As world leaders gather in Davos this week for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, a new book calls for renewed focus on the quality of economic growth, arguing that it’s now an urgent matter of public policy. More details

We need to focus on “fragile cities”, urges IDS Alumnus

16 Jan 2015 Rapid urbanisation and the growth of megacities, like Nairobi and Mumbai could become the loci of tomorrow’s wars and humanitarian crises, according to IDS Alumnus, Robert Muggah. More details

Institute of Development Studies news and analysis

News at IDS, January 2015

13 Jan 2015 The latest news, event and research from IDS. More details

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Centre for Social Protection newsletter 30

13 Jan 2015 Welcome to the 30th issue of the Centre for Social Protection Newsletter. The 'talking point' in this edition is a recent CSP research project 'Where next for social protection?' More details

This is the cover to IDS Bulletin 46.1, 'Towards Systemic Approaches to Evaluation and Impact'.

What can evaluators learn from complexity science and systems thinking?

12 Jan 2015 Marking the start to International Year of Evaluation, new analysis from IDS highlights how complexity science and systems thinking can inform approaches to impact evaluation. More details

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Can human security concept help accelerate development progress in 2015 and beyond?

09 Jan 2015 In the European Year for Development, what can be learnt from Latvia and how it has used the concept of human security to underpin its national development plan? More details
Research at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania. Image: Panos

Strengthening research and teaching capabilities in Sub-Saharan Africa

23 Dec 2014 New IDS-led project seeks to strengthen research and teaching practices in Sub-Saharan Africa. More details

Professor Xue Lan, Senior International Associate on Rising Power in International Development programme

Professor Xue Lan welcomed as new Senior International Associate for IDS

19 Dec 2014 Professor Xue Lan, Dean of the School of Public Policy and Management at Tsinghua University, recently accepted the invitation from the Rising Powers in International Development programme to be Senior International Associate. More details

Institute of Development Studies news and analysis

IDS Update, December 2014

18 Dec 2014 This is the latest news from IDS. More details

Tanzania Terrat_Simangiro District_Credit: Sven Torfinn / Panos

New project will explore drivers of animal-to-human diseases

17 Dec 2014 IDS has begun work on an international research project exploring the factors that drive zoonotic disease transmission in Tanzania More details

Still from the digital story Ups and Downs in Shillong

Using innovative film-based storytelling to help improve the lives of women and girls

17 Dec 2014 How IDS researchers are using creative storytelling approaches to support women’s empowerment and effect policy change More details

Woman at Chaman Babrak Afghanistan Lana Slezic Panos

Technology only part of solution to more inclusive emergency relief efforts

01 Dec 2014 Technology has potential to help include people with disabilities in crises responses, but we must not let it become another mechanism of exclusion. More details

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