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Implications of PrEP medication as HIV Prevention for Sex Workers

04 Feb 2016 A IDS new briefing calls for PrEP medication to complement rather than undermine condom use to protect the health of sex workers. More details

This is the front cover to IDS Rapid Response Briefing 13.

Are digital jobs the answer for Africa’s young unemployed?

02 Feb 2016 Digital jobs are seen as a key opportunity for the growing population of young people in Africa but a new Rapid Response Briefing cautions against viewing digital jobs as a silver bullet. More details
Medics in Guinea. Credit: European Commission DG ECHO

Social Science shines through in Ebola reports

28 Jan 2016 UK parliamentary reports on Ebola cite the crucial role that social science and anthropology played in mounting an effective response to the unprecedented crisis. More details

IDS students at graduation ceremony

Graduation day celebrations for IDS students

25 Jan 2016 IDS graduates travelled from around the world to celebrate with family and friends to graduate at the Brighton Dome. More details

An umbrella (the emblem of the movement) statue/monument erected near Hong Kong Government Offices in Admiralty, created to honour the 'Umbrella Revolution'. The 'Occupy Central' (or 'Occupy Central with Love and Peace') movement in Hong Kong has been organising events of civil disobedience, such as sit-ins on busy roads, to protest against the Chinese government's electoral policy for Hong Kong. The activist's main demand is that elections for the post of Chief Executive, due in 2017, be open to all candidates. However, the Beijing authorities have insisted that the candidates in the election will only be drawn from a pre-approved list. Credit: C. Stowers - Panos

New IDS Bulletin debunks myths around open data and open governance

25 Jan 2016 Hot on the heels of the World Development Report 2016, which argues that digital technologies have fallen short of their potential to improve growth, opportunities and service delivery for everyone everywhere, the latest IDS Bulletin sounds a warning to digital optimists who believe that opening data will lead to improved governance and accountability. More details

Word cloud generated from feedback by users of the Eldis Communities online platform

Eldis celebrates twenty years of global knowledge sharing

12 Jan 2016 Not only are we marking our fiftieth anniversary, but one of our longest running projects, Eldis, celebrates its twentieth year as a global online information service. More details

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