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A stepping-stones approach to leaving no one behind in learning

25 Aug 2015
Pauline Rose and Ben Alcott write a blog post on how the SDGs need to work to not leave anyone behind

UN celebrates reducing extreme poverty by more than half

14 Aug 2015
Oxfam blog post from 2012, co-authored by Andrew Sumner, is referenced in article about the MDG's and how poverty is measured.

The World Bank under Jim Kim - The Lancet

07 Aug 2015
Gerry Bloom is interviewed by The Lancet about Jim Kim's efforts to reform the World Bank.

Women and aid: beyond box-ticking

04 Aug 2015
Jean-Pierre Tranchant is interviewed about a recently launched UN Women study on gender equality programming in humanitarian action led by IDS.

Breastfeeding is a human right, but does society enable women to breastfeed?

04 Aug 2015
Inka Barnett argues that breastfeeding is a human right, and asks how society supports this in Open Democracy

Nominate your Nutrition Champion. Do it today.

31 Jul 2015
Lawrence Haddad encourages people to nominate 'nutrition champions' for the Transform Nutrition Champions awards.

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Rising powers key to future of global sustainable development

22 Apr 2015
As intergovernmental negotiations around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and discussions on future financing for development continue this week in New York, leading development experts from Brazil, China, India, and the UK are coming together in Beijing to discuss the role of the rising powers in defining and implementing a new era of global sustainable development.

New research reveals the unique contribution of volunteers in ending global poverty

17 Mar 2015
New research on the valuable, yet often understated, contribution of volunteers in the fight against poverty is being released today by VSO and the Institute of Development Studies (IDS).

New initiative calls for radical rethink of international development

25 Feb 2015
The global response to the ongoing Ebola crisis in West Africa has highlighted the failings of governments, international organisations and other development bodies, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to build strong, resilient societies, according to an IDS initiative launched today.