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Press Releases

South Africa, Malawi and Madagascar lead commitment to combat hunger and undernutrition in Africa

26 Jan 2017
With 220 million Africans still estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger and 58 million children under five stunted, new IDS research ranks African countries by their commitment to ending hunger and undernutrition.

New book on China and other BRICS in international development lauded by former World Bank Chief Economist

20 Dec 2016
A new book on the growing influence of China and the other BRICS countries (Brazil, India, Russia and South Africa) has been hailed by leading world economists for the insights it sheds on the role and influence of these countries on global development, an area of international trade and politics that has traditionally been shaped by North America, Europe and associated international institutions such as the World Bank.

Innovative Research Helps Rwanda Raise $9m in Tax Revenue

01 Dec 2016
For the first time, a study has been carried out in Africa, generating important research findings and helping to raise an additional $9 million USD in tax revenue for Rwanda.

Growing access to online porn is changing sex education In developing countries

22 Nov 2016
Online pornography has become the predominant channel through which young women and men are learning about sex, not only in the developed world but in developing countries too.