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Press Releases

International Summit Holds Talks on the Future of Work, as Technology Threatens to Make Jobs Obsolete

13 Mar 2017
The summit led by IDS will call on businesses and governments globally to urgently look at new ways to create and sustain decent jobs for all.

Sussex ranked first in the world for development studies

09 Mar 2017
The QS University Rankings 2017 have ranked the University of Sussex first in the world for development studies.

UK aid and research funding is helping to transform lives in Bangladesh, MPs told

27 Feb 2017
The UK’s long standing partnership with Bangladesh’s research and development community has been absolutely critical to the country’s remarkable progress over the last forty years.

South Africa, Malawi and Madagascar lead commitment to combat hunger and undernutrition in Africa

26 Jan 2017
With 220 million Africans still estimated to be suffering from chronic hunger and 58 million children under five stunted, new IDS research ranks African countries by their commitment to ending hunger and undernutrition.