2015 Review

15 December 2015

A look back at some key moments in 2015

Launch of the IDS Strategy 2015-20

IDS' new five year strategy, Engaged Excellence for Global Development was launched in October 2015 and articulates our engaged excellence approach to meet the pressing global challenges of our age. It sets out how IDS will seek to contribute to transformations that reduce inequalities, accelerate sustainability and build inclusive and secure societies in a changing world.

Hear more about the strategy from IDS Director Melissa Leach

Top 5 most popular publications

  1. Towards Systemic Approaches to Evaluation and Impact
  2. The Future of Knowledge Sharing in a Digital Age: Exploring Impacts and Policy Implications for Development
  3. The Politics of Evidence and Results in International Development: Playing the Game to Change the Rules?
  4. Graduating from Social Protection?
  5. Where Next for Social Protection?

Top 5 most popular blogs

  1. Five steps to achieving impact with research
  2. Re-building participatory practice as a catalyst for social change
  3. Should agribusiness or agroecology be the future of Africa?
  4. In India child slaves are mostly boys not girls
  5. Beyond the medical crisis: The politics of Ebola in Sierra Leone

Seasons greetings and happy 2016, when IDS will be celebrating its 50th anniversary!