A new alliance for food security, or a two-track Africa?

24 May 2012

Leaders accross the globe are moving to speed up progress on combating hunger and malnutrition. Yesterday the British prime minster, David Cameron, announced he will hold a summit on food security during this summer's Olympic Games in London. At last week's G8 summit in the US, eight of the world's wealthiest nations pledged to lift millions of Africans out of poverty by promoting investments in sustainable agriculture. Central to that commitment was the launch of the new alliance for food security and nutrition, announced by the US president Barack Obama last week.

In his latest blog, Ian Scoones asks: will these initiatives really deal with the underlying political economic conditions that keep people poor? Or will the alliance create a two-track Africa instead, dividing those able to benefit from private investment and neoliberal policy from those who lose out?

Scoones argues that the alliance 'fails to address the wider political and institutional questions and the needs and priorities of many of the region's people'.

Read the full blog on the Future Agricultures website.

Photo: Obama speech at the G8 Summit, by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs on Flickr.