Africa's first Human Development Report on food security fails to "put the last first"

18 May 2012

As G8 leaders gather in Camp David on 18th and 19th May, one of the key issues on the agenda will be food security. Director Lawrence Haddad reflects on Africa's first Human Development Report, which focuses on food security.

Workers collect food supplies at the reception centre at the IFO-1 camp part of the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. The drought is the worst in East Africa for 60 years. The UN described it as a humanitarian emergency. The already overcrowded complex received 1,000 new refugees a day in June, five times more than a year ago. According to UNHCR, around 30,000 people arrived at the Dadaab refugee camp in June 2011, compared to 6,000 in June 2010.
Credit: Sanjit Das / Panos

While Professor Haddad is impressed with its nuanced position on agriculture, income generation and nutrition; he is disappointed to find the chapter dealing with empowerment, justice and gender equity comes last in the report.

"People, power and politics should come first, in the fight against hunger, not last" he argues.  

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