Conceptions of Information Literacy in an international context - join the e-discussion

13 August 2012

The British Library for Development Studies, based at IDS, invites you to take part in an online discussion on the conceptions of information literacy in an international context. The e-discussion will take place on 4-6 September 2012 and will be hosted by the online community group, Chat Literacy.

Ths discussion will be joined by 9 leading international experts (Word doc) who represent a broad range of experience in the field of information literacy from the academic, NGO and public library sectors.

Our panel includes lecturers, professors, research consultants, programmatic officers, librarians and information specialists interested in e-learning, monitoring and evaluation, programme development and conceptions of information literacy. It promises to be an interactive, and informative discussion.

The e-discussion welcomes academics, practitioners and those generally interested in finally comprehending what it means to be an information literate individual.

Find out how to join in the e-discussion.

E-Discussion three-day programme from 4-6 September 2012

Each of the three days will focus on a different area of information literacy:

Day 1: What is information literacy (IL)?

The first day will look at conceptions of IL in different contexts and domains, including: 

  • exploring differences, for instance, between its application in scientific research and the social sciences
  • idenityfing the skills, knowledge, behaviour associated with IL
  • discussing standards, models and frameworks that can be applied.

Day 2: What is the link between information literacy (IL) and research skills?

The second day will look at the role of information literacy in developing the skills of the young researcher or an effective employee, including:

  • how to make the critical link between IL and building research capacity
  • sharing approaches and strategies for mitigating challenges
  • raising awareness and communicating the value of IL in organisations

Day 3: What are the effective tools and approaches used in teaching information literacy?

The third day is an opportunity for participants to share experiences of teaching IL and measuring the impact of IL training.

Changing behaviour and building lifelong learning skills requires a unique learning approach:

  • What tools and approaches have worked most effectively in your context?
  • How do you overcome challenges of teaching large and increasingly remote learners?
  • What innovative approaches are you using to engage the learner in IL?

Download the recommended reading / materials list (PDF)