Development is conflict, reflects Professor Jan Pronk in Hans Singer Memorial Lecture

22 November 2012

In the fourth Hans Singer Memorial Lecture hosted by IDS and the German Development Institute, former Minister of Development Cooperation in the Netherlands and UNCTAD Deputy General Secretary, Professor Jan Pronk, examined the future of peace-building and development.

In his lecture, Post-Conflict Peace-building: Don't put the cart before the horse, Professor Pronk emphasised that there was no one blueprint to restoring peace and stability to conflict affected states and that approaches needed to be tailor made to respond to specific contexts. He also argued that any peace-building initiative needed to be home-grown and not imposed from the outside.

Prior to the lecture IDS Research Associate, Sir Richard Jolly interviewed Professor Pronk and asked him about his thoughts on the future of development progress in a rapidly changing world. In this interview, Professor Pronk revealed that he had learnt that development is not just related to conflict, development is conflict. He also argued that the international system needed to be restored and renovated in order to respond to increasing poverty, conflict, scarcity and ongoing shifts in global economic and political power.

Hans Singer Lecture Jan Pronk Address