Eldis Open Knowledge Hub partners meet at IDS

6 February 2014

Representatives from eight partner organisations came together at IDS in January to start a new project to increase access to research knowledge from the Global South.

Eldis partners for the GOKH workshop January 2014

The three day workshop was part of the Global Open Knowledge Hub (GOKH) project led by IDS Knowledge Services which builds on the long-term success of IDS knowledge services like Eldis, BRIDGE and BLDS and follows on from the successful Mobilising Knowledge for Development (MK4D) programme completed in 2013.

The new project supports knowledge producers and intermediaries, particularly those in developing countries, to improve the availability and accessibility of development research by developing a new open and collaborative “Hub” for the sharing of development knowledge, building on emerging approaches from the Open Access and Open Data movements.

The workshop follows on from a competitive tendering process last year that identified eight new partners from developing countries to work with Eldis on the project. The event aimed to give partner organisations the chance to share their ideas on how they would like to see the project develop and to identify initial steps for partners to take in designing and implementing the “Hub” concept.

At the workshop was Radhika Menon, Senior communications officer at 3ie, and an IDS alumnus. Writing for the Impact and Learning blog after the workshop, she reflected on some of the key work areas and challenges for the partners in taking the project forward. Describing the project, she said:

"Quite simply, the Global Open Knowledge Hub project will build an open system for sharing data between participating partners and with the wider world. As each of the participating partners offers knowledge services, there are thousands of research documents, articles and abstracts that are on our websites. To facilitate the sharing of these knowledge products, an open, web-based architecture will be built so that we can all just go to one place, i.e. the hub, and find high quality, diverse and relevant content on any chosen topic that is available from the partners."

In these short videos, filmed at the event, partners talk about the project and why they have chosen to take part.

Eldis partners in the Open Knowledge Hub