IDS at the 12th AWID International Forum on Women’s Rights in Development

19 April 2012

IDS and our partners are taking part in a variety of activities at the Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) Forum this week (19-22 April) in Istanbul, Turkey.

The 12th AWID International Forum will gather up to 2000 women's rights leaders and activists from around the world to discuss this year's theme 'Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women's Rights and Justice'. The Forum is particularly exciting as both a conference and a call to action by bringing diverse voices to strategise, network, celebrate and learn, and re-politicise the gender and development community.

As well as convening key sessions, IDS and BRIDGE will have a stand in the exhibition space where we will launch our 'Mobilising Men Practice Guide' and 'Gender and Climate Change Cutting Edge Pack'. Present will be IDS members linked to the IDS Sexuality and Development Programme, Pathways of Women’s Empowerment Research Programme Consortium, the HIV and Development Programme, and BRIDGE. See below for a list of our activities.

Much of this work with our partners has recently entered a new phase of collaboration with the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) under a broad programme of work on Gender, Power and Sexuality that aims to influence norms and institutions at global and local levels to more effectively tackle the challenge of achieving gender equality. Ongoing cooperation with other European donors and renewed engagement with the UK Department for International Development on these and other topics, under a new Accountable Grant, will further contribute to the development of work and networks on this theme. 

IDS activities at AWID - Thursday 19 April

Commodification of Knowledge: How increasing access and availability of the internet has transformed the way knowledge is produced and shared
(Organised by Genre en Action)
11:30-13:00 Jac APC - Sutluce 1

Rethinking Ideas of Work from a Feminist Perspective
Claudy Vouhe and Naila Kabeer (Organised by Genre en Action)
11:30-13:00 Sadabad Auditorium

CAUCUS francophone sur les observatoires de l’égalité de genre
Speakers: Elisabeth Hoffman, Lina Abou Habib, Bénédicte Allaert (Organised by Genre en Action)

Solidarity Roundtable
Using Economic Power to Promote Change In Conflict Zones: Case of the DRC
Speakers: Annie Matundu-Mbambi (Organised by Genre en Action)
13.30-14.30 Balat                     

Gender and Climate Change Cutting Edge Pack launch
Followed by question and answer session.
Lunchtime, at the IDS-BRIDGE stand

Transforming the Revolution
Speakers: Jelena Djordjevic, Sandra Ljubinkovic, Nina Jusuf, Yvonne Deutsch
14:30-16:00 Kasimpasa 1 & 2

Visualising Women's Empowerment: Using film as activism
This session explores how to visualize women's rights through film to authentically represent women's everyday lived experiences, and build alternative visions of a future with greater gender justice. We hope the session will give an insight into the world of film making, and the potential difficulties and rewards it can offer.
Speakers: Tessa Lewin, Meena Seshu, Kat Mansoor and Andrea Cornwall
14:0-16:00, 20988, Kasipasa 5 (E)

Funding landscape: Setting the tone
To set the tone and informative foundation for the Resource Mobilization Hub, this first session will offer an overview of funding landscape drawing on the results of the Global Survey 2011 Where is The Money for Women's Rights? as well as offer broad analysis and political framing on funding trends.
Speakers: Angelika Arutyunova, Emilienne De Lion, Rosalind Eyben, Patty O'Niel
14:30 Lale

Trends Affecting Women's and Rights Funding:  Global and regional perspectives
Through a lively and dynamic discussion, panelists will be sharing research findings around similar research on "Where is the Money for Women's Rights?" in different contexts and regions and their practical experience around challenges for assuring funding for women’s rights organizing and for securing unrestricted funds for women's rights work.
Speakers: Virisila Buadromo, Maitrayee Mukhopadhyay, Devi B. Girija
16:30 Lale

Gender responsive governance of land, women's land rights struggles, challenges and lessons
This session brings forth experiences from across the global south, on struggles of women to secure their rights to land and other natural assets; what has worked and what has not, and exploring positive lessons and best practices as well as their replicability.
Speakers: Dzodzi Tsikata, Patricia Chaves, Catherine Gatundu
16:30-18:00 Balat

Pathways film screening
Pathways of Women's Empowerment RPC will screen two short films: "Sugar Cane" from Brazil and "30%" from Sierra Leone. A panel discussion will follow on the two pathways featured in the films that have been advocated for women’s economic and political empowerment—increasing women’s access to paid work and increasing the numbers of women in politics—including insights and lessons for feminist engagement.   
19:00–20:00 Eyup

IDS activities at AWID - Friday 20 April

From the Beijing Platform to Resolution 1325: Military expenditure and its consequences for women's security, Case of DRC
Annie Matundu-Mbambi E,F,S (Prganised by Genre en Action)
14:30-16:00 Kasimpasa 3 & 4

Sex, Power, Money and Mobility: Exploring the links between economics, intimacy and mobilisation in women's daily lives
Women from the Nicaraguan feminist NGO Puntos de Encuentro will encourage discussion around the utility of integrated approaches to promote individual and collective action around women's economic, sexual and reproductive rights. They´ll share research-based methodologies, including clips from their social soap "Contracorriente" currently airing in Central America and the Caribbean.
Speakers: Teresita Hernandez Ceballos, Sarah Bradshaw, Amy Bank
14:30-16:00 Sadabad Auditorium

SendasAL: Contextualising gender knowledge for Latin American audiences
This presentation (in Spanish and English) will describe a new web-based project where partners from different linguistic regions work together to synthesise and complement each other's work and make it relevant and accessible to Spanish speaking audiences in Latin America.
Presenters: Elsa Duhagon (SendasAL), Paola Brambilla (BRIDGE).
Lunch time, at the IDS-BRIDGE stand

IDS activities at AWID - Saturday 21 April

Understanding Network Society – Political economy conversations with the CITIGEN research community
Organised by: Anita Gurumurthy, Binitha Thampi, Kate Lappin and Margarita Salas along with Andrea Cornwall and Srilatha Batliwala (CITIGEN)
11:30-13:00 Cibali 3

Leaders of Social Change or NGO for Services Feminists and Questions of Political and Economic Power in Africa
In this session, the connections between Power, (economic and political), the State and the Women's movement will form the central basis of the discussion. It will also look at issues of democracy, women's political participation and the advancement of an agenda that seeks to transform the social environment.
Speakers: Dzodzi Tsikata, Muthoni Wanyeki, Sarah  Mukasa, Marjorie Mbilinyi (taking place in Halic Auditorium)
11:30, venue tbc

Revolution, Reform, and Repression: Impact of the Arab Spring on women and women’s movements in the MENA region
Speakers: Sussan Tahmasebi, Pinar lkkaracan, Mozn Hassan, Ahlem Belhadj

Don’t talk to us about sewing machines, talk to us about workers rights.
Sex work is work. Trafficking is as an issue of poverty that causes many women to willingly/unwillingly enter into agreements with traffickers because they seek to escape/explore better livelihoods. This session will reflect on the evidence base and the experiences of sex worker rights organisations in this area.
Speakers: Meena Seshu, Laura Agustin, Sachumi Mayeo (Initiated by the IDS Sexuality and Development Programme)
11:30-13:00 Kasimpasa 1 & 2

Launch of the new Practice Guide: Mobilising Men in Practice: Challenging sexual and gender-based violence in institutional settings.
Speakers: Jerker Edström, Satheesh Singh (CHSJ), Chris Dolan (RLP) and Philip Otieno (MEGEN).
Lunchtime, at the IDS-BRIDGE stand.

The Macroeconomy as a Space for Gender Equality : Utopia or reality in the french-speaking world?
Speakers: Claudy, Marie-Lise, Mansour, Mariama - FR/EN (Organised by Genre en Action)
14:30-16:00 Salle Haskoy

The Power of Pleasure
This panel will explore the power of pleasure and what a positive approach to women's sexuality has to offer to women's empowerment.
Speakers: Pinar lkkaracan, Jaya Sharma, Stella Nyanzi
16:30-18:00 Cibali 1 & 2

IDS activities at AWID - Sunday 22 April

No Economic Justice without Gender Justice: Building Inclusive Movements for Change.
This interactive panel will bring together leaders of organisations at the centre of economic justice movements, to discuss how these movements understand gender equality and women's economic rights, and how more productive alliances between women’s and economic justice movements can be built.
Facilitator: Wendy Harcourt. Panellists: Shalmali Guttal, Yao Graham, Atila Roque. (Session organised by BRIDGE)
9:00-10:30 Kasimpasa 3 & 4

Gender and Regional Economic Integration in Africa: A sustainable response to the Global Crisis and Africa’s Development Challenges
The global financial and economic crisis has renewed the focus on Regional Integration as a key strategy for Africa's structural transformation, development and poverty reduction. Gender equality and equity must necessarily be part of this key aspect of Africa's development discussion.
Speakers: Dzodzi Tsikata, Jane Nalunga, Pauline Vande-Pallen (Organised by Pathways of Women's Empowerment RPC)
14:00-15:00 Cibali 1 & 2

Unpaid Care work – scoping networking on social movements
IDS Fellows Naomi Hossain and Rosalind Eyben will be looking for others with a shared interest in why global policy institutions and spaces continue to invisibilize care and what can be done about it. Come and see us at the IDS-BRIDGE stand.

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