IDS Director hosts Alumni dinner in Tokyo

15 May 2012

Lawrence Haddad had a great reunion of the Tokyo-based alumni and some further afield in March. Participants ranged from recent alumni and alumni from 30 years ago. Lawrence thanked the alumni for their support for IDS and had some great conversations about current work, about how to get a job, reflections on the one year anniversary of the earthquake and ideas for IDS' 50th Anniversary.

Lawrence was humbled by the time and energy given by the alumni and about how welcome they made him feel. He said that, it is clear that IDS has many supporters in Tokyo and that they both contribute to and carry forward the IDS values of challenging orthodoxy, bringing together different perspectives and making an impact with their research.

If you are interested in meeting alumni in Tokyo, or would like to plan your own in-country reunion, we are able to help.

For more about Lawrence Haddad's trip to Tokyo see his Development Horizons blog.