IDS website now ‘responsive’ for mobile devices

30 October 2015

A new upgrade to the IDS website has been launched today. If you are visiting the website using a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone then you will notice a new ‘responsive’ layout.

IDS website now responsive so mobile friendly

This means visitors will have the ability to navigate and view content more easily from their preferred mobile device wherever they are. Before this ‘responsive’ design was implemented the website was not optimised for smaller screens. For instance the navigation located on the left and top line was not always visible or required scrolling across. The new design means that every page on the website will adjust around the internet browser’s screen. On smaller screens such as mobile phones we have prioritised content and features at the top of the page.

Touch and go with a burger?

As the screen gets smaller the top navigation will convert into a ‘burger’ menu where the icon shows three horizontal lines. This common approach seen on popular mobile apps, web services and websites will be the main route into deeper content and can be touched to open the main menu.

These changes are in response to the popularity of mobile devices. Statistics show that visitors are increasingly using mobile phones to access the website. Within the last three years we have seen visits increase by 256 per cent from phone users and 140 per cent from tablet users.

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