Understanding the Millennium Development Goals: new resources from the Guardian

5 August 2011

While there is increasing discussion and debate about 'what happens after 2015', the date set for achieving the eight Millennium Development Goals, we should not lose sight of the goals themselves and what they aim to do. In many cases, countries trying to meet the MDGs are still a long way off.

As part of our continuing partnership with the Guardian's Global Development site, IDS has supported the development of resource pages focused around the MDGs and tracking their progress.

The new pages, which were launched today, are designed to offer readers with an interest in learning more about the MDGs with:

  • Further reading around each MDG, highlighting key reports and new research 
  • Multimedia resources such as videos, podcasts and audio slideshows 
  • The latest Guardian articles on the burning issues
  • Access to data on the areas being addressed by the MDGs

While these pages will be of particular use to students, researchers and development practitioners, they also provide a valuable entry point for members of the public wishing to gain a greater understanding of the complex issues surrounding some of the problems the MDGs are trying to address.

IDS Knowledge Services, with significant experience in facilitating access to development research, made an important contribution to this project, with many of the reports highlighted being selected by editors working on the development information portal, Eldis.  

Links to each Millennium Development Goal resource page are provided below: