Vulnerability and Poverty Reduction Team News - March 2013

26 March 2013

Highlights this month include a blog post from Jeremy Lind on the elections and violence in Kenya, and photo story from Becky Mitchell about improving security for the poor in Nairobi through the provision of services and economic opportunities.

Call for Papers

UEA/IDS International Workshop on Mixed Methods Research in Poverty and Vulnerability: sharing ideas and learning lessons-UEA London

The purpose of this workshop is to share ideas and experiences, learn lessons from past and on-going work and discuss work-in-progress using mixed methods research in the field of poverty and vulnerability. Deadline for Papers is 31st March 2013

Blog Posts

A Rich Man's Game: Elections, Violence and the Urban Poor in Nairobi
Jeremy Lind

Kenyans go to the polls for national elections on Monday March 4th for the first time since a conflagration of violence swept the country following disputed election results in 2008. An estimated 1,300 lives were lost in the violence, which nearly escalated into civil war before an African Union mediation led by Kofi Annan intervened.

When the Fragile Speak: Can they Help to Build a New Vision for Development?Ricardo Santos

This blog is all about narratives. It is, specially, about a new narrative that keeps on pushing, keeps on making itself heard, even if under the radar. This is a narrative that, as it stands, seeks to break the "development paradigm", similar to what the BRICS and Rising Powers seem to be seeking. And, yet, as we shall see, some of the same old failures appear to be creeping in.

Aid and the Social Sectors – Report on a UNU-WIDER Research Initiative
Roger Williamson

Is it true that politicians are "ignorant about trials" (randomized ones, that is – some of them do end up in court) and "weird about evidence"?

How can Providing Access to Basic Services and Economic Opportunities Improve Security for People Living in Slums in Nairobi?
Becky Mitchell

We asked a community-based group called Getto Green within one of Nairobi's slums to take photos of what they considered were the most important problems that caused insecurity in their communities so we could try to understand their points of view.

Recent Publications

Editorial: Poverty, Vulnerability and Resilience in a Post-2015 World, Camfield, L., Crabtree, A., Roelen, K. Social Indicators Research, 2013

Current statistical data suggest that there is mixed progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. Some MDGs such as access to safe drinking water have already been reached at the global level (WHO/UNICEF 2012). However, such global success is largely due to overachievements by a few large developing countries such as China (UN 2012). In other countries progress is limited and this is especially so in Sub-Saharan Africa (Easterly 2009) and fragile and conflict affected states (UN 2012).

Household Trajectories in Rural Ethiopia: What Can a Mixed Method Approach Tell Us About the Impact of Poverty on Children? Camfield, C. and Roelen, K. Social Indicators Research, 2013

The paper explores the dynamics of child and household poverty in rural Ethiopia using three rounds of household survey and qualitative data collected by Young Lives, a longitudinal study of child poverty. It uses a mixed-method taxonomy of poverty to classify children and their households into four groups, analyse their movements in and out of poverty, and explore the underlying factors. The final section of the paper uses qualitative case studies to explore child welfare dynamics in more detail, looking at the interplay between the progress or decline of households and that of children within those households.

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